Sunday, October 3, 2010

HALLOWEEN is just around the corner...Do you have your candy yet???

This week on OPUS GLUEI the theme/challenge is HALLOWEEN. I admit it, it's a cheater challenge for me, because I LOVE HALLOWEEN. See the top picture below? That layout of my youngest daughter is hanging up in our house all year. The picture wasn't taken on HALLOWEEN. BUT, I love those colors and I love them together.
Okay, so I am not cheating with this challenge with this picture. I just posted it to show Rosemary that these colors are not only for HALLOWEEN. (Silly rabbit!) It's the frame on the bottom that was made for this challenge.

It's a specimin display. Like the butterfly ones made popular, almost single handedly by Ali E. Only this one is spiders. Bwahahahaha. I used the Martha Stewart spider punch and some HALLOWEEN paper scraps. The frame is a T-Shirt frame. (Got it on sale. SCORE!!!) I just punched out the spiders, put mounting foam tape on the backs, arranged them a hundred times and finally stuck them down. The black border/frame is a leftover from another project done a few years back. I save almost everything.

I couldn't get a good picture of this to save my butt. I tried about 6 different walls in the house AND the couch. It just wasn't gonna happen for me. So, you have to use your wonderful imagination to picture how fantastically creepy this really is. I have a few of the spiders going down instead of up. It's a little unsettling. And the black gal in the corner has a little red bling marking her true nature.
Hope you like it. AND hope you decide to play along this week at OPUS GLUEI.


Rosemary said...

I love your projects, I think they are fun, clever, and very Halloween! The spiders came out fantastic, I love 'em.

I also saw your inchies and fantastic, and the matchboxes, you are a non-stop creating whirling dervish!

Rosemary said...

oh, and yes, I have my candy. Just to be sure the little mites were going to like my choices, I even opened it up and taste tested a representative sample...or two...

Melissa said...

This is cute!

Bobbi said...

I think your spider tray is super.
I have bought halloween candy and ate it already, so I will be off to the store to get more. I will probably get candy 3 or 4 times before the 31st even gets here.. we love candy at our house.

Electra said...

I love your spiders, but I am SO glad you can't get a really good picture of it, as I am TERRIFIED of spiders, whether they're paper or not!

Gini said...

The spider specimen case is brilliant! Love it!
All your halloween makes are fabulous, especially the inches!