Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Finish Along - 1st Quarter Goals

One of my goals for 2012 is to finish 12 works-in-progress. I am a wonderful Starter. Not such a great finisher. I think I have developed CADD. (Craft Attention Deficit Disorder)

When I initially wrote this down I was thinking of ALL my projects in ALL of my Studio. But, I quickly realized that I could easily make this same goal for each different area of my Studio. Yikes. So, I will attack it in an orderly fashion. Grab the first things in reach.

To accomplish this goal for 2012 I am going to leave it as a general 12 works-in-progress goal and consider anything more than 12 as "gravy".

The lovely Rhonda over at Quilter in The Gap is hosting a FINISH ALONG. You post which projects you think you'll be able to finish at the beginning of the quarter, and then follow up with the finished projects at the end of the quarter. Sounds reasonable. And doable.

I'm in. I have several WIP's that need to get finished. Here's what I hope to get done this quarter:

Melissa's Quilt - I need to make the backing, layer, pin, quilt and bind. OR send out to be quilted. I am really leaning towards sending it out. The actual quilting is really not my favorite part. I LOVE piecing tops together.


Christmas Placemats - I need to cut the backings, layer, pin, quilt and bind. (These started out with the intention of being a quilt, but my oldest convinced me that they would make really cool placemats, so they will become placemats.) They are 15 inches across (flat to flat). I have 12 of them.


Embroidered Christmas Ornaments - These little cuties are going on the tree next year! Well, they will be little cuties when I get done with them. That poor little bird needs some legs. And some holly in his mouth.


Coffee Cup Sleeves - I started these to be stocking stuffers. My girls have taken to hot chocolate in the mornings. Maybe they can be Valentines gifts. Need to embroider. And layer. And sew. And get a move on.


Crochet Afghan - Yes, I realize that it isn't sewing. BUT, I have to finish the wonderfully LARGE crochet blanket that I made last year. All of the blocks have been stitched together. It's already been put into service. It's a warm, heavy blanket that makes you want to stay in bed. Sigh. I need to thread in the loose ends and add a border.


I am pretty confindent that I can get these things done. I just have to remember that I have them to do. GAK.

I am going to cheat. AND use this as my WIP Wednesday post too. It is, afterall, a WIP post.


Electra said...

You always have such a wide range of talent happening Jana. Don't ever get caught up, it would be too weird. Did I ever tell you I had a grandmothers flower gardem, all paper pieced by hand, last time I worked on it was in the hospital waiting for Kailtin to be born. Now she's having a baby. What up with that? lol

Quilter in The Gap aka Rhonda said...

I think this list is totally doable. I am excited to watch the progress and to see the finished progress. Hey, any chance you would like to contribute a tutorial for the FAL? If so, drop me a line. Thanks for playing with us.

Sarah said...

Some gorgeous projects there - can't wait to see them finished - I shall watch with interest! S x

Rosemary said...

CADD? LOL, I love it, hey, I may have it as well. I think your plans are ambitious but do-able and you can do this, I know you can!!!! I love all the pretty eye candy as well. Also, I need a reindeer ornament for my tree for Christmas 2012, I'm just saying...

GO, JANA, GO!!! Let's get this accomplished!!!!

Rosemary said...

Oh, and I love the idea of the Christmas quilt now being placemats, very cool.

deborah said...

The Bricks quilt is gorgeous- love the dark sashing. Can't wait to see the crochet afghan... one of my goals this year is a granny square afghan.

@pril said...

The bricks quilt is really nice. I saw this at WIP. Cute reindeer too.


noga quilts said...

12 WIP! Wow! You are productive (I have one...). You really created many beautiful things, keep it up!

Brittany said...

I really like your brick quilt. I'm new to quilting, and am working on a colorbrick quilt as my first project. I love seeing what other people have done with theirs, so I couldn't resist hopping over here from freshly pieced. I'm glad I did; you make such amazing things!!!!