Monday, January 9, 2012

Postcard from Austria

Frank left quite abruptly. Lorreina had no idea what she had said, or done, that made him go. She was devestated at first, and then slowly began pulling out of her shell. Again. Until she received the postcard.

It was true that they had only just met three weeks prior to his sudden departure, but she felt closer to him than anyone she had ever known. She felt as though he filled a void in her life that she didn't know existed. Until he left. His note left her with more questions than she had before. Now what was she to do. What was she to think. Or do.


I am linking this to the Postcard Challenge 2012. 


Darcy said...

Digi is absolutely fine, do whatever you love. Very intrigued by his disappearance, and 'stay out of the shadows'ooo looking foward to what happens next.

Esther said...

very mysterious..can't wait to hear more..great postcard too..Esther xx

Rosemary said...

oooh, this is going to get good...I'm going to enjoy this project of yours!

Janet said...

Why did he leave? Need to know NOW!!
Look forward to the next instalment.

Janet xx

Electra said...

OH MY. This is so cool!!!!!!