Saturday, January 7, 2012

Embrace the imperfect

Yesterday's plans got thrown out the window. Completely. (see yesterday's post for more details) What DID end up happening was:

You would be correct if you guessed that this is the PERFECT project for me right now.

I tend to get caught up in getting things just right. So much so that sometimes things get started and not completed.

I am pretty sure this is why I have SO many unfinished works in my Studio.

It is my hope that this little book will inspire me to just get things done. Not to worry about how PERFECT the project turns out.

I pulled the first things I found in my Studio to make this. Great start toward Embracing the Imperfect I think.

Some of the pages are not as complete as I would normally like. BUT I am declaring this book DONE. I am leaving it as is.

I gave myself a limited time to get the whole book done. I had an appointment that I couldn't miss. I think it really helped to put a time limit on myself.

I think this quote by Rosalynn Carter is one of my favorites. I would add that you need to also realize that no one else is perfect either.

This little book was a HUGE bit of therapy for me. It now makes me happy that there are little signs of homemade love in there.

I had to rush to get this done in time for my self imposed deadline. So the back page is simple. In hind sight, I think it's perfect. I clicked the rings shut and proceeded with my irregularly scheduled day...

  • Showered
  • Took oldest to follow up appointment for Bells Palsy (She is completely healed now!)
  • Spent Barnes and Noble gift cards (and a little more)
  • Heated Dinner (leftovers)
  • Cleaned up
  • Started reading Clash of Thrones
  • Went to bed WAY too late/early
But I went to bed smiling. It was a PERFECT day.


Sian said...

A perfect album! I really enjoyed reading and mulling over those quotes

Deena said...

glad to hear you had a perfect day...hope there are lots more of those in 2012...glad to hear your daughter is better too...had me worried...not a fun thing to deal with...and the album is great too....

Electra said...

REALLY glad to hear your girl is feeling better! And I Love your album. All the embellies! It looks perfect to me. (hah!)

Kristen said...

This is really cool, Jana!
I also LOVE your word... decrapulate! I am so stealing that!

Have a great weak!


Rosemary said...

Best news is the healing from Bells Palsy, that's great!

I love this project - I hope that when you are grading yourself so harshly that you remember to pull this out and remind yourself to be kinder to YOU. Also, how cool is this? I love the colors, the embellishments, the quotes, the whole feel of this because it works and it is so pertinent!

So, how many of the Game of Thrones series did you buy at B&N? So glad you had a perfect day!

Tyggereye said...

Great book. I love when days come together to be perfect. :)

Shar said...

Each page is a new delight!