Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Family Picture - January Edition

First one taken at a hockey game. Our team lost. But we had fun. Together.

I can see the pride in Danny's face. The cooperation in Morgan's. Melissa is, well, her goofy self. Megan's face is BEAUTIFULLY back to normal. And in mine I see many chocolate bars, chips and lots of ice cream. sigh.

Off to a good start. Now only 11 more to go...


Deena said...

I think this picture turned out great and this is a fabulous idea...beautiful family!

Rosemary said...

I love that family! (M3's expression made me laugh out loud, and yes, each of them is wearing an expression that is quite typical of them)

Be nice to my friend, though, in her face I see a proud mama, a great friend, and a dear heart who has a lovely smile and twinkling eyes.

Love this idea!

Electra said...

Be kind to yourself Jana. You're beautiful and those beautiful girls came froth from you. I love the picture.