Friday, January 6, 2012

the best laid plans of mice and men...

I work an alternate schedule. In a two week period, I will work 8 nine hour days and 1 eight hour day. This leaves me with a day off. I picked to have off on Fridays (everyother one).

Today is my day off. I had planned out the day to what I thought I would do:

Drop youngest off at school
Decrapulate my Studio for 15 minutes
Sew some quilt blocks for do. Good
Sew a quilt block for someone who got screwed over in a swap
Sew the back for Melissa's quilt

So far I have not done anything but drop my youngest off at school. I am typing this in my jammies and bed head. Yup. I look adorable.

I AM a go-with-the-flow type of gal, so no biggie there. EXCEPT, that I got this email. An email that I signed up to get. It's from Nathalie at Nathalie's Studio. It's about the CREATIVE JUMPSTART SUMMIT 2012. Everyday in January I have gotten/will receive an email with a link and a password to learn how a different creative person gets her creativity going. I have gotten the emails, but today was the first day I watched one. You can sign up for the emails too. Just go here.

It's a video from Karen Grunberg. She talks about JUST STARTING. It was inspirational and I enjoyed it. BUT I jumped to her blog, and saw a link to a free class (I love me some freebies) that she offers over at Big Picture Classes. So I went over there and clicked on it.

The class is EMBRACE IMPERFECTION. SO, now instead of going with my first plan for the day, I am making a little book. I'll show you later.

I think I need a little reminder/reinforcement in this area right now. Great timing.

I know I am not a man, so I must be a mouse.


Sarah said...

Ahhh yes but it looks like such a good class I think you can be forgiven. And after all, it is your day off xxx Enjoy xxx

Electra said...

Decrapulate? Is that from the same dictionary as blurfing? You should give classes is Janaspeak. Except I always understnd you. Never mind. Guess I don't need a class. Thanks anyways.