Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WOYWW - Priorities

I had to travel to DC for a meeting. First things packed:


Just a little fun grab bag for the hotel room. I have got to finish those birdie blocks. I want to make a few tweaks to make them my own. And that poor bird with the deer needs some legs. Also need to add a few more inspiration pics to my Art Notebook. And if i have time, get started on those coffee cup sleeves. I just may have brought too much to do. Ya think!!!


Deena said...

craaazzzyyy...maybe just skip the meeting?

Tyggereye said...

Waaa I wanna go to DC. Gosh I love it there. Though I probably would rather wait till summer. brr. Even if it is a mild winter I feel not like freezing off my tushie. Bring a coat Jana! :) Have fun with your crafty goodness and a safe trip!

Electra said...

Can Tyggereye and I come stay with you?
I love DC, winter or summer. We won't bother you. We may use your stuff though. Aren't you supposed to be working anyways?

Rosemary said...

I can't believe you were that close and we didn't get together (wahwahwah), I love that you had so much to do, sleep is overrated.

Reminds me of a trip to WVa and a hotel cart FULL of scrapbooking stuff...(sigh, that was a lot of fun)

bohemiannie! art said...

Yep! I say skip the meeting!

May said...

Yep I agree skip the meeting, enjoy the craft, Hugs May x x x x