Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Let's Make a Deal

Last night I found this letter on the kitchen table.

It was addressed to me. And me only. SO, I opened it and read:

And then I laughed so hard that I was crying.

Tell me it isn't just me. Please.


Electra said...

SHE IS GOING TO KILL YOU! (and no, it isn't only you-lol)

Deena said...

that is too funny and something you need to put away and keep for a very long time....I think your daughter and my youngest would get along swimmingly and I have woken to a few of those notes myself...love it!

Polly Polkadot said...

Is this what lies ahead for me? I had a present for a 6 year old, and suddenly my daughter began saying her friend would like her second-hand bracelet. I assured her that if she was giving away the bracelet she was still to give away the present and amazingly she didn't backdown, but I'm sure it was her attempt to keep the present.

Lori said...

Nope, not just you. HYSTERICAL. And as Electra said, she will kill you.