Monday, January 16, 2012

Idea of the century!

Sometimes you get an idea and smack your forehead wondering why you hadn't had that thought before. I had one of those today.

I received an order of stamps that I had ordered back in October. Not bad service, just really busy scheduling. This order happened to be the cling mount type. I am almost, but not quite, ashamed to admit that I have sets of wood mount stamps that I have not yet mounted. SO, I decided to mount them all today and possibly make something.

WELL, while I was mounting the cling mounts, it occurred to me that I could probably just skip the wood block on the wood mount sets, and just put the sticker on the back of the stamp. SO, I did. AND boy am I happy I did.

They fit so much nicer in those DVD size cases.

They take up WAY less room. AND they DO stick. I tried. It works. I am genius. LOL

AND then, as oft happens, my plans to create were set asunder as my youngest, who is now addicted to Doctor Who, suckered me into a little marathon session with The Doctor and Rose. Not complaining. I happen to love the series. We are now up to the 8th episode.

I want one of those screwdrivers. Can you just imagine the trouble I could find???


1 comment:

Electra said...

You are a genius. True story. A screwdriver? Huh? Oh, I took my glasses off and smoushed my nose up to the monitor, I get it now. I thought you meant oj and vodka.