Thursday, January 19, 2012

12 on the 12th - January Report

I didn't do so well. It turned out to be 4 on the 12th. I had great intentions. I started out okay. I forgot to get the youngest in the morning shots. Oops.

We live right across the street from the bus stop. So they wait inside.

And then I went to work and got caught up in the normal schedule.

It happened to be trash day. Yuck.

And lost the thought. So I got nothing after the morning stuff. And even then, I only got a few shots.

I know this looks staged. But it really isn't. My counter looks like this EVERY morning.

Prince Zeke on his royal cushion.

I love the shots I did get. I am getting excited to see what I can get if I remember all day.

I'll try again in February.

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Tyggereye said...

Thats great. I'm trying to take more photos too.