Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday Sum Up

  • Megan made another purse. Some girls like shoes. She LOVES purses.
  • I helped Melissa make one.
  • More of The Doctor and Rose.

  • Chinese food.
  • Shredded beef tacos.
  • Morgan went to the mall with Abby and saw New Years Eve.

  • Danny went to San Diego. That's why we got to have Chinese food. It's a pretty big deal for us girls. LOL
  • Reading "The Clash of Kings" by George R.R. Martin.
  • Temperature stayed in the high 40's this week.
  • The purge is coming along nicely.
  • Megan took my hair appt. Morgan is getting hers cut today. Mine is pushed out to Feb 3rd. Typical. Mom's always change their schedules for the sake of the rest.
  • It's raining right now.


Deena said...

that chinese food looks delicious! ours never looks that good....more like instant take out...I really love this idea of yours...I am sure I told you that last week, but it is more true this week! -40 is like sticking your tongue to the middle of your deep freeze and have that feeling go through your whole body...don't do it though, cuz it will stick and you won't get it, your nostrils and eye lids can freeze closed...and it hurts to open them back up...but we are a bit milder today, so hopefully we will not get that cold again (as we are having the most awesome winter ever here this year)...normally that cold lasts 6 weeks or so...this year only one week...wahoozle!

About Kimchi said...

wow. looks yummy.

Rosemary said...

All of this sounds good and like you're having a great week. I hope you're enjoying the latest in the Game of Thrones series, would love to discuss with you when you finish it.

Good on you with the purge, go girl go!

Electra said...

HIGH 40'S!!!!! Oh wait. I thought you meant Celsius. Heart is slowing now. My word verification is "grack" I think that's what I said when I read this.