Sunday, January 8, 2012

Just because I can!!!

I was compelled to post. Just for the sake of posting "something".
Maybe I can make a post everyday this month.

Oh, yeah, here's a picture. You KNOW how I LOVE pictures in a post...

Because, can you REALLY have too many toys. And just so you don't think I am spoiled (I so totally am, but I don't want you thinking that I am) This little beauty was a Christmas present of sorts. I got money from different family members for Christmas. I pooled the money and am now playing with this. (Dear Hubby just rolls his eyes with each new gadget I get. He just doesn't GET it.)

When I was first married, I was appalled that my husbands family gave either money, gift cards or EXACTLY what you asked for for Birthdays and Christmas. I thought that, with a little thought, you could find a gift for someone. Especially a loved one. Fast forward 18 plus years, and I am thrilled to be able to combine "gifts".

This isn't a picture of my personal Transformer. I got this off the Amazon website. I mean, come on, I don't have a need to know the weather in Taipei. AND the date is NOT March.

But this is the model I got. After much research and some discussions with the nice sales boy man at Best Buy. I was doing all the talking but he was looking at my oldest. I can't say that I blame him. She is a cutie pie.


Rosemary said...

Ah, there is something wonderful about having gift cards/money to figure out what YOU want to get.

This is cool, and I fully expect more timely updates on the time and temp in Taipei, don't just tease us.

Okay, so this is a tablet? How nice that will be to take along with you...

Tyggereye said...

ooh cool!! What a great pressie. Hubby has one of those he loves. His is a nook though.

Electra said...

Never taske your beautiful daughter shopping with you. You won't get the best deal, if it's a cute young salesman. Trust me, been there, done that, got the (most expensive) t-shirt.