Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday Sum Up

I am thinking about possibly trying to put together a SUM UP of each week. Just an informal recount of the events of the week.

This past week:

  • I got a tablet.
  • I traveled to DC for a meeting.
  • I ate breakfast at IKEA for $1.05. (after taxes)

  • The girls got to eat Hamburger Helper. (I don't eat it, so they are thrilled when I travel because they get Danny to make it for them.)
  • I got Melissa hooked on Doctor Who. Yup. We started with Season 1.

  • Zeke found a racoon in the backyard. He only barked at it. Whew.
  • Morgan read the latest Morganville Vampires book, Destined and started Brisinger.
  • Megan met with her Polar Plunge group. Yup, she's crazy.
  • And of course there is another Hockey game to add to the list.

  • I worked on some of my WIP's.
  • Danny packed his lunches. In a fancy lunch bag. You just can't fake style.

 There was also the normal stuff, you know, school and work, too.


Deena said...

I like this week for you....did i say that I like this idea? lots?

Rosemary said...

LOL - so much to enjoy and giggle about. Christopher Eccelston was a wonderful Doctor, I wish he had done more than one series. SIGH

Anyway, I think that breakfast looks delicious, I love all the activities, and Danny is nothing if not a trendsetter.

This is going to be fun to see on Saturdays!

Rosemary said...

p.s. - the human calendar is great but Mr. 2012 is kinda creepy, I think they do that just to creep ME out...yes, I do.

Electra said...

Who is Dr. Who??? Hey, I have the same lunch bag. How weird is that?
Hockey? I know hockey. I really know hockey.