Friday, January 20, 2012

Show and Purge

I am one of those people who get interested in WAY too many things. Sewing, painting, embroidery, inking, stamping, card making, scrapbooking, etc... I am also one of those people who think I can DO anything. I guess it's a good thing. Mostly.

BUT, just take a look at what happens when you combine the aforementioned traits with a pack-rat:

The sorting has already begun. That's the stuff in the foreground.

Most of the stuff on the floor is old school papers and the like. How do you deal with those things? I have been insulating the floor in my Studio. Why, YES, those are Easter eggs. In Easter baskets. Why, NO, those aren't the Easter baskets we use. Things have GOT to GO!

YUP. Total messy chaos. I THINK I have come to a decision to get rid of most of this stuff. It wasn't an easy thing to wrap my hoarding brain around. And will get more difficult as I really get to it. It also isn't easy putting these pictures up. BUT, that is why I did it. I need to wake up to the reality of my craft pit. I need to purge to allow my creative energy to flow more freely.

If I continue to think of the space as a whole, I'll never get to it. I know I won't. Because that's how I have been thinking about it so far. And NOTHING has gotten accomplished. SO, I am going to focus on one area right now. The desk top.

I have already done a little bit towards clearing the desk top. Hopefully I can get to the rest this week. I have way too many supplies. Supplies I don't use. I am purging. Yup, that's a pumpkin. And a Christmas tree too.

I have 3 categories right now. KEEP, GET RID OF and TRASH. I'll figure out what to do with the GET RID OF pile later. (As in after that box is full.) Some I will give away and I am thinking that some of the stuff I will try to sell on eBay. I have enjoyed everything that I have brought into my Studio, but now it is time for some of it to move on.

Wish me luck. Wish me will-power. AND wish me motivation. And come back next week for an update. I hope that I will at the very least be shamed into action.


Deena said...

ohhh have some work on your hands...that was my room last year...I cleaned and cleaned until it was goes back and forth now, but I got rid of a lot of the "excess" and now most stuff has a is way better when it gets to that point...although mine still blows up after every single project, but at least it is still easier to tidy up after...good luck my friend!

Mary Ann Potter said...

Wow. Abundance. In multiples! Have fun organizing. You know, if you were a neighbor, I bet I could find a spot for some of the choicest surplus. 8-)

About Kimchi said...


Dixie Cochran said...

Good luck, Jana!! I purged and sent a box to a crafter whose house burned last fall in the Texas fires. (Sister of an OWH card maker.) If I can donate stuff, I find it's not so hard to let go. I can't wait to see the "after" pictures. May the force be with you!

Rosemary said...

Don't consider yourself shamed, you're brave to put it out there but you also inspire that you want to whittle down what you have to your core interests. I like that you enjoyed what you go but you've decided to move on and get rid of some of it. I have quite the stash of stuff and don't have the time right now with all that is going on to go through it but the time will come, I know.

I like that you have just the three categories, that's all you need and will keep you moving. Cannot wait to see the progress you'll have made. Big high fives to you for getting it started!

Electra said...

And the fourth category is ELECTRA. lol Good luck!