Thursday, January 5, 2012

Art Notebook

Do you have an art notebook? Somewhere to jot down ideas, inspiration and notes about what you like, want to do, or information about "things"? Surely, I can't be the only one who does. Mine is small enough to fit into my purse (I carry a medium sized purse), but large enough to accomodate my thoughts and plans.

There is no method or plan to the book itself. I just jot down ideas that I have. I may or may not ever use them, but they are there. The ideas are not necessarily original. If I see someone else's work that interests me, I'll jot down something about it.

I'll also tape pictures that make me smile. Or give me ideas. Or things I want to do. Sometimes the picture is easier than trying to explain. I can't draw, so the pictures work better for that too.

Despite all the rumors running around the internet, I am not terribly creative, so I jot down notes that others might consider standard knowledge. But it's my notebook, so I jot them. I write down websites that I want to go back to. And tape in bits of paper with information that I want to keep from notes I took when I didn't have my lovely notebook around. GASP. I know. But sometimes it happens. You just never know when a thought will strike. (Business meetings are great thinking sessions, and I would get stern looks from the boss if I showed up with my Art Notebook.)

Mine has room for more ideas, thoughts and inspiration. I am looking forward to filling it up. These blank pages are very exciting to me.

So, do YOU have an Art Notebook? What's in it? Care to share?


Sian said...

I loved this peek into your inspiring notebook. I don't have an art notebook, but I do have a blogging one. An A$ sized spiral bound book from the supermarket - nothing fancy, but it is full of pencil-scribbled notes

Zoe Ford said...

I have the exact same Moleskine as you! If you open it from the front, you'll find pages of art journaling where all I used was a black pen - lots of Zentangle patterns and some writing.
If you open it from the back you get lots of scribbled notes and doodles.
Somewhere in the middle is the art journaling I did yesterday.
You can see 3 of the nicest pages here.

Sarah said...

Oooh Jana that looks gorgeous. I need to be that organised - my ideas are all over the place in various books & on bits of paper etc. You have made me very envious!

Anonymous said...

I use that same Moleskine too! Although mine is no where near as nicely curated at yours... the grocery and to-do lists make it slightly less presentable.

Rosemary said...

Love this - it is a great way to capture the moment of inspiration rather than saying - Oh, I'll remember this and jot it down later and then you never do (guilty here). I also love that you've shared actual pages because they are terrific inspiration to capture the creativity however it comes to you. I'm hooked!

Electra said...

I have binders. Of things I meant to do but never have. Everywhere. It's disturbing. I need to stop.