Sunday, July 29, 2012

Seasons with the Poobahs

SEASONS is the challenge this fortnight over at the ORDER of the OPUS GLUEI. Make something to do with any or all of the four SEASONS.

I picked CHRISTMAS. I LOVE Christmas. I have been working on making placemats for us for a little bit. So, I took this challenge as an opportunity to finish them.

I cut out the centers from different Christmas fabrics.

Then I cut strips of fabric into different widths.

I tried to alternate colors. But not in any order.

I also tried to alternate the widths of each strip as I added a round.
I mixed the old fabric with the new.

For the binding, I used the strips I had left that were wide enough. I just sewed them together into a long binding strip and started going around them all. I didn't care if the fabric changed. I just kept going.

I still have strips left. I wonder what will become of them...

Now head on over to OPUS GLUEI and show us what you've made.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Going Coastal this Summer...

Okay, the truth is, I have already gone coastal. Remember this:

Well, I finally finished it. I was waiting for the "right" backing fabric. BUT I didn't want to buy anything. I wanted to use from my stash. The problem was that I wasn't happy with anything I had AND I just didn't want to piece anything. I wanted one piece.

Well, if you know me, you know that my fabric is NOT in one spot. While I am working toward that end, it's a slow process, and I am not there yet. Anyhow, I "found" this fabric in one of my bins. Many moons ago it was slated to be in a king sized quilt. Then I had my 3rd girl and life got a lot more hectic and that didn't happen, so....

So, I layered and quilted and then washed (cuz I LOVE that crinkled look) and came up with this:

It runs across our square table making a placemat for DH and I to share. Isn't that romantic! The border fabric is perfect for the light airy look I was going for. AND it kinda looks like crab traps.

I had a wonderful idea to have a matching table set this summer. But the girls had other plans. They each insist on using their fav placemats. So we are a bit more eclectic instead.

Just look at all this crinkle goodness. I love it.

These shells are perfect for the back. The colors don't show true, but the orange in the scallop is a perfect match to the binding.

The End.

Of this project.

Now on to the next...

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Twinching along ...

Even though we rented a mac-daddy vehicle to drive the thousand miles to my parents house, I couldn't take my sewing machine with me. Even if I were able to take it, I wouldn't have been able to use it on the way down.

Instead I cut into this stack of beauty:

And used this handy dandy kit:

With this mobile set up:

To make these:

Right now they are airing out. My parents both smoke, so they are bit stinky. A couple of weeks (and a little Febreze) should do the trick. I'll start attaching them to each other in a few days. I am still on the fence as to whether or not to add batting and have this as a lighter quilt. Thankfully I have a little time to decide.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Monday, July 9, 2012

Finish Along

I missed the 2nd quarter of the FINISH ALONG over at Quilter in the Gap. I just plain missed the deadline to post my intentions. Says a lot doesn't it?!?!?! Well I made it this time.

I have a busy schedule in the next few months, so I am going to make this a top ten list. Some of these you have seen before. I mean come on, if I were good at Finishing things I wouldn't be here at the FINISH ALONG. Am I right?!?!??!


1. Going coastal table runner. I added a border, now I just have to layer and quilt it.

2. One of the quilts I started way back when. I finished the top one. I'd like to finish the one underneath it next. It's for ME. A quilt for ME. I've made one for everyone else, now it's my turn. Think Autumn. It's my favorite season.

3. Citrus quilt. I want to get this one pieced together and sent out for the quilting. I think a white sashing. I have 20 blocks total now.

4. Summer 2012 Hexie quilt top (I'll focus on the quilting in the 4th quarter) I want to make a souvenir this year. We are taking 2 vacations so something hand pieced. I love the inch hexies, but that is too much sewing. I think the 2 inch hexies are doable and will show off this fabric the best.

 I now have the FQ's cut into 4.5 x 5 inch pieces. Ready for the needle and thread.
Packed up and ready to travel.

5. Nephew's wedding quilt. I just needed a break I think. The wedding is this weekend. Obviously I won't have the quilt for them at the wedding. BUT in this heat they don't need it right now anyhow. (I can justify ANYTHING.) AND according to Miss Manners, I have a year to get the newlyweds their gift. (They are also getting a cash gift, so we aren't going to appear to be freeloaders at the reception. LOL)

6. Christmas Hexie Placemats. Gotta do 'em.

7. Embroidered Christmas Ornaments. I am so close on these. Just need to FINISH them off.

8. Happy Go Lucky sampler. I really want to get this done and in a frame. I am excited to see it finished. BUT I am also taking my time and enjoying the process.

9. Re-line this train case. And make a tutorial while doing it.

10. Have to FINISH some of these too.

These are what I am going to try to stay focused on right now. I have plenty more WIP's. Plenty. But these are the ones that I want to focus on right now. It's not easy when I have so many thoughts about what I can do next. Oh, look, a butterfly....

Thursday, July 5, 2012

WIP Wednesday on Thursday

Welcome, welcome. Pull up a cuppa and sit a bit.
This past week was a pretty productive one.

I stitched a little more on my Happy Go Lucky sampler. I am taking this one slowly on purpose. I want to enjoy the process, so I am not forcing myself to finish right away.

I purged about 18 inches, YES, 18 inches of scrapbook paper and card stock from the studio. My SIL is a special ed teacher and said she could use it with her students. Win for both of us. Now don't worry that I am paperless, I am not. I still have quite a bit. The scrapbooking purge is ongoing...

I made June and July blocks for do.Good Stitches. For June we were to use 2, 4 and 6 inch blocks to make 14 inch blocks using bright primary colors.

July's blocks are crazy blocks using scraps that were sent to us.

And lastly this week, remember this little beauty:

I decided to give her a make-over. She wasn't in bad shape before, but I thought she needed a little up-dating.

(Picture source is from the ebay auction - I forgot to take one of my own before the transformation began.) 

So I picked out a cheery fabric and made her look happier. She isn't perfect. But she is great now.

We are going on a trip soon, and I really thought she should come along with us. We'll be in the car for a while, so some hand stitching is in order. I am going to use the Tradewinds FQ's to make a Summer 2012 Hexie quilt. I'll be using 2 inch hexies because I really want to see the designs on the fabric. It's a very pretty collection. Plus a book. Missing from this pic is my tablet. I have games and books on there too.

What's in that Hello Kitty tin? The sewing kit. Scissors, needles, pin cushion made from scraps from the train case make-over, hexie papers and lots of thread.

Well, I think that's enough for one week. Don't you?

I'm linking up to WIP Wednesday. Which is extended to Thursday this week because of the American holiday, Fourth of July.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

America, America or Show Your Patriotic Side

I am proud to be an American. I think this country has done some wonderful things for the world. I am not here to talk about politics.

Kristen at the Order of the OPUS GLUEI has set forth the challenge to create something to pay homage to your Patriotism. You don't have to be American. Just have to be Patriotic toward some country.

Naturally, I picked the good ole U S of A.

I made a few mug rugs (Basically they are mini placemats or very large coasters. Just big enough for a mug and a snack.) to help get into the festive mood.

This abstract mug rug is about 6x8 inches. I played with the star quilting. I like how it came out. But I still think I could do better. Practice makes perfect. Well, I don't necessarily have to be perfect. Just better.

This one was inspired by the tradition we have of going to see the fireworks. Both of these were sent off in a swap. My partner wanted hers portrait in orientation.

I made two versions of this one. I wasn't sure the lighter background would work. I was thinking it is almost twilight in this one. It sort of works, but not nearly as nicely as the dark. So I sent my partner the darker one. Because it looks nicer.

I made another one for me. This one started out being made for my swap partner, but I really didn't like the way the pieces don't line up. I also kind of used it to test the star quilting. So I kept it and made the evolved abstract version you see above. I've been using this one in my office at work. Yup. I am ready for fireworks.

This is the back.

And to finish off this Challenge, here is the wonderfully, amazing mug rug that I received in this swap.

Hope you aren't sick of mug rugs yet. Just kidding. That's it for now.
Head over to OPUS GLUEI and see what the other Poobah's have come up with this week. And share your Patriotic project.