Sunday, July 29, 2012

Seasons with the Poobahs

SEASONS is the challenge this fortnight over at the ORDER of the OPUS GLUEI. Make something to do with any or all of the four SEASONS.

I picked CHRISTMAS. I LOVE Christmas. I have been working on making placemats for us for a little bit. So, I took this challenge as an opportunity to finish them.

I cut out the centers from different Christmas fabrics.

Then I cut strips of fabric into different widths.

I tried to alternate colors. But not in any order.

I also tried to alternate the widths of each strip as I added a round.
I mixed the old fabric with the new.

For the binding, I used the strips I had left that were wide enough. I just sewed them together into a long binding strip and started going around them all. I didn't care if the fabric changed. I just kept going.

I still have strips left. I wonder what will become of them...

Now head on over to OPUS GLUEI and show us what you've made.


Rosemary said...

These look so good - I'm loving the fabrics you've chosen and the design itself. How nice to have something so pretty to enjoy all through Christmas and it's off your WIP list!

Electra said...

If you have strips left you should make me one. ;-))) They're gorgeous, Jana!