Sunday, August 12, 2012


THE ORDER OF THE OPUS GLUEI has a RED HOT challenge this go around. I have put forth the challenge to use RED and ONE OTHER COLOR.

Since the weather here in the USA has been so hot, my thoughts immediately went to RED.

I had several ideas run through my head. I could have made a RED and WHITE mug rug for a swap I am in, but I made a RED and WHITE one for the mug rug swap last month, so that was out. I could have made a RED and WHITE mini quilt for another swap I am in, but that seemed too close to the mug rug. So I thought I might make an ATC. Or a set of inchies. But then it hit me. I made some Bitty Blocks for a Halloween Bitty swap, so Halloween was on my mind when I ran across this. At first I was thinking I would use a butterfly, but I couldn't find them right away and then I remembered that I have some skeletons in the closet. Who doesn't!?!? No, really. I have these little skeletons in the closet. Just waiting for a Halloween project.

I took a canvas board that had been previously painted green, and coated it with CRIMSON RED. I set it aside to dry.

Then I grabbed my craft glue and added some water because it was really thick and a little dried out. I pulled my black glitter out, and used a small (1/4 inch) paint brush to paint glue onto the skeleton and then sprinkled the BLACK glitter all over. And set it aside to dry too. Then washed the glitter off my hands, and the table, and my cheeks, etc...

Once they were both dry, I used some E6000 to glue the skelton to the canvas board. I attached the skeleton at two points, the back of the head and the back of the pelvic bones. Then I set it aside to dry overnight.

You can see a little bit of the splotchy paint job in the bottom corner here. I didn't plan it, but I think it adds a bit of creepiness to the piece.

Now it's your turn to show us what you can do with RED and ONE OTHER COLOR over at the Order of the OPUS GLUEI.


Sian said...

Haha! Skeletons in the closet for real. I love that. A wonderful project and so nicely photographed with that fine looking bird

Electra said...

Well, I for one, am grateful this is a skeleton and not a spider. Thank you Jana for that. And I think it's cool. I mean Hot. I think it's HOT!

Kristen said...

This is really Smokin', Jana! I love that skeleton, he is great... he looks charred and sooty. Great Halloween project!

Deena said...

glad you got that skeleton out of the closet....looks much better in that sort of a display for sure!!!

Rosemary said...

This is so cool looking and I love that her head is evenly looking playful and jaunty! This was a fun challenge!