Thursday, January 31, 2013

January Finish - I DID it.

At the beginning of the month I committed to finishing a quilt for ME. A quilt that I started years ago and now wanted to get done. I figured that I could commit to ONE finish for the month. Well, there's a reason that I let this lovely top sit for years. I am skiddish when it comes to the basting part of the sandwich process. If you don't baste properly, you can get puckers on the back when you quilt it. I didn't want puckers. 

Long story short, I used spray basting. And I now have a new love. I LOVE this stuff. 

Anyhow, here's my finished quilt for January:

Can't wait to wash it and start snuggling under it. 

February will bring a new finish. Keep checking back. You'll see.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WIP Wednesday

No time to talk. I'm frantically trying to finish the binding on this by tomorrow night.

There ARE more WIP's. 

I'll share more about them next week.

Linking up to WIP Wednesday with Lee at Freshly Pieced.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Opus Gluei Challenge 149 - Bling it On

This time around it's Rosemary's turn. She wants bling. Who can blame her? Bling is AWESOME. So I couldn't think of anything that really made my heart go all pathump, pathump. Then my daughter brings me an invitation to a sweet 16 she's invited to. The invite was sent along with a masquerade mask that needed to be decorated for the party. 

So I dug out my scrapbook bling and ribbon, my artsy pink paint and white pen. Sent hubby out to get white feathers and we set to work.

We painted. And waited. Then painted some more. Then I sewed some tulle to the base feathers, sewed down the top feather, stuck some bling on it. Then I used my white poster paint pen to gently put a bit of a white border all around the mask. And then fussy fit some bling swirls. And fussy cut some more of the bling. Then sewed the feather cluster onto the mask and added white ribbon ties. 


I had more ideas. But dear daughter stopped me. She didn't want her mask to outshine the birthday girl's mask. Made me very happy that she said that. As much as I wanted to add the silver braid around the exterior of the mask, I stopped. SIGH. 

Join in on the blingy fun over at OPUS GLUEI.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Hi everyone. Hope you all had a productive week. I didn't get an whole bunch done, but I am working on a FINISH this week and a SWAP.

I made the backing (that's what you are looking at here) and quilted my Halloween Bitty Mini Quilt. I just quilting in the sashing. I didn't want to interfere with any of the blocks themselves, and at a 3 inch finish, I feel very comfortable not quilting on them. I am using my new CLOVER CLIPS to bind it. I am really loving these clips. They aren't as annoying as the ones that look like hair clips, and I am not poking my hands and fingers like I do when I use straight pins. Now I only poke one finger. It's how I sew, people.

I couldn't decide which of my sketches to use for the January Chickens Bitty Block swap on flickr, so I put them up there for a vote. The most votes went to the second chicken down in the first column. But I will probably end up making the chicken that each person voted for. Of course I'll make an extra one of each of them for me. (Inspiration for my sketches came from various coloring pages. I am not this creative on my own.)

So, that's it for this week's happenings. Other than trying to convince myself that I really, really, really don't need to start another quilt and join the Scrappy Trip Along craze right now. No matter how good those quilts look. And how easy they seem to make. And I must resist. I have enough UFO's for one person. I. MUST. NOT. JOIN. THE. CRAZE. 

(But I am going to. It's just a matter of what day this coming week. I KNOW it's going to happen. Those quilts are just too darn tempting.) 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Opus Gluei Challenge #148 - PINK

The lovely Gini over at the Order of the Opus Gluei is challenging us to make something using PINK as the primary color. You are allowed a bit of neutral color, but PINK should be the main color.

After looking around the house, and trying to figure out what I could make in PINK that we would actually use, I came up with nothing. We aren't a PINK family. Yes, I have 3 daughters, but not one of them uses PINK anything. SO, I was pondering this when I had a flashback to a kit that was purchased a few years ago on a trip to visit the lovely Rosemary. The kit has everything needed to make a cross-stitched FLAMINGO magnet. Score. BINGO. Eureka. 

Because after all, who doesn't need another refrigerator magnet?!?!? Am I right?!??!

And just to prove it, here's my refrigerator.

See, we have room for more. I better get my needle back out....

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013 First Quarter Finish Along Pre Post

I am joining in the challenge this year with Leanne at She Can Quilt. Sign ups for the first quarter are HERE. Basically you choose projects to finish in the first quarter of 2013, let everyone know, which provides a bit of accountability with a small threat of shame when you fail - and there will be a degree of failure. I mean, come on, you don't have WIP's because you tend to get everything finished that you started. That's why we are all here together in this. 

Last year I sort of played along with the FINISH ALONG at Quilter in the Gap. I wanted to finish projects. I just didn't really plan it out well, and so I failed to finish most of them. BUT, I did get some of them done. So I started thinking to myself that if I planned a bit, I could conquer the world and do away with, oh, wait, off topic a bit. Sorry, back to topic: If I planned even a little bit, I could get A LOT more finished. (And start more too. Cuz I NEEEEEED more projects. It's true. Honest.)

I am somewhat geeky. I love Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, etc.... AND SPREADSHEETS. They are beautiful tools. I work with them and I play with them. So it was only natural that I use one to record my WIP's (that's Works In Progress, just in case you didn't know.) BOY was I surprised by the list that I have going. I won't share the spreadsheet. I have to have some secrets. But I will keep track with it.

I am breaking my WIP's into bite sized (monthly) chunks and tackling them.

For the 1st Quarter of the FINISH ALONG I will get the following items done:
(If it seems like you have seen these before, you are just experiencing a little deja vu, because you HAVE seen most of them before.)

1. LEAVES quilt: This one is for me. I love Autumn and I love these colors. I made the top about 15 years ago (give or take). I already have the back made. Just need to layer, quilt and bind. Oh, yeah, make the binding too. This is also my entry for A Year of Lovely Finishes - January Entry.

2. BIRDIE STITCHES quilt top: I will finish the embroidery on these blocks. I have November and December left to do. I wasn't in love with the designs that were given to us and just need to come up with themes I love. Then stitching is easy. The blocks are already made. Then I'll stitch the blocks together. Without sashing I think. We'll see.

3. CHRISTMAS DISAPPEARING 9 PATCH quilt: I will finish cutting the blocks, piece the top, make a back, layer, quilt and bind. Then wash and take for a test cuddle.

4. RAINBOW quilt: I'll piece the top, oh, heck see the above description.

5. HAPPY GO LUCKY sampler: I will finish the stitching and frame this puppy. YUP, I started it in June, and that's the date that will go on it.

6. SPIDERWEB crochet table cover: Just need to pull it out and work on it. (Freshen my memory with regard to the pattern.) I think I need to make 3 more blocks.

7. Halloween Bitties mini quilt: I've pieced the top. It's missing one of the bitties that came in after I made the top. I'll turn that one into a coaster. I am piecing the back for it and then maybe adding a sleeve so I can hang it up. 

8. Madrona Road Challenge quilt: I'll get this off the design page and finished.

9. Blue Train Case replace the lining: I have the fabric. I have the old lining pulled out. I just need to cut the pieces, a little bit of sewing together, quilt them and glue them back into place. 

10. Chewbacca Afghan: I have a few blocks made. Just need to finish making blocks and crochet them together. I am using this pixel picture from iotacon by Andy Rash for the  pattern.

11. Fireworks Mug Rug: I don't have any idea why I haven't finished this yet. It got pushed to the side and forgotten. 

12. Pinwheel Pillow: I have the pieces cut out. Just need to get sewing. 

An even dozen should be easy to accomplish. 

I have 3 months.

I can do four a month. 

One a week. 

Wish me motivation.

Storytelling Sundays 3 - Pick Your Precious

My grandparents didn't have a lot of material things. They lived in a modest 2 bedroom house in San Diego. Spending the night with them was a treat and an adventure. One of the things I loved about my Nana's house was that there were miniature items everywhere tucked into spaces. She had a love of miniatures. Little doll sized pans, animals, you name it, you could probably find it in her house. 

I grew up and moved. When she passed away I was living too far away, and had 3 small children, so I couldn't make it out there. I don't have anything that was hers. I wish I did.

I do have this little elephant. I got him in a box of tea. He is part of a series. I only got him though. He lives on my desk at work. He reminds me of my Nana everyday. I know she would have loved him too. 

I inherited her love of miniature things. I have a couple mini helpers hang out on my sewing machine. 

I am sure she would also love my shelves in the Studio. I just can't resist small cute things.

Storytelling Sundays is not a new thing. Sian has been hosting this for a bit. I am just now joining in on the storytelling. I hope to make it somewhat regular, but that remains to be seen. I told this story and new we'll see how the rest of the year goes.

WIP Wednesday

Happy Hump Day everyone. I missed the last few WIP's, but haven't stopped making things. Just missed reporting on them. I'm going to try to get better about this...

This week I am:

1. Starting Curves Class with Rachel at Stitched in Color. I have been afraid of sewing curves for way too long. I love all the improv curves out there and am ready to face my fears. I signed up for the premium class for a little extra push. (And help.)

2. Mailing off my Modern Stash blocks - January's hostess requested solid colors with a white background. She said she had pinks and purples so far.

3. Finishing my do.Good Stitches blocks - you can see what the blocks will look like here. I have to iron and sew a bit more. Then they will be off in the mail too.

4. Getting the batting for this quilt, so I can baste and start the quilting - 

5. Resisting the Scrappy Trip Along. But don't think I can hold out for much longer. I mean, just go look at all that deliciousness. Mmmmm. 

6. Compiling my TO DO list for 2013. Trying to really weed out those WIP's that I just need to put up for adoption. KWIM?

I hope you have a great week. See you around.....

I'm linking up with Lee at FRESHLY PIECED.

Friday, January 4, 2013

do. Good Stitches

Do. Good Stitches is a flickr based online charity quilting bee.

I belong to the Grace group.

There are 10 of us who each make 2 blocks a month and send to one of our wonderful quilters to be joined together in a fabulous quilt for a child in need.

I joined the flickr group in June of 2011.

I LOVE making a couple of blocks every month and sending them off to become a comfort to a foster child.

Right now there are 22 groups.

That's 22 quilts made every month for 22 children.

My group makes them for A Blanket of My Own.

Amazing isn't it!!

I have been with this group since the beginning of Grace.

So far we have made 18 quilts worth of blocks.

A few are still being put together, but most have already been sent to their children.

I am still amazed that 10 people can pull fabrics from their own collections and make blocks that live together beautifully.

There are many more quilts made by the other 21 groups in do. Good Stitches.

These are just the quilts made by my group.

There are 5 more in different stages of construction. I'll share those when they are done.

You can see more quilts made for children HERE.