Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013 First Quarter Finish Along Pre Post

I am joining in the challenge this year with Leanne at She Can Quilt. Sign ups for the first quarter are HERE. Basically you choose projects to finish in the first quarter of 2013, let everyone know, which provides a bit of accountability with a small threat of shame when you fail - and there will be a degree of failure. I mean, come on, you don't have WIP's because you tend to get everything finished that you started. That's why we are all here together in this. 

Last year I sort of played along with the FINISH ALONG at Quilter in the Gap. I wanted to finish projects. I just didn't really plan it out well, and so I failed to finish most of them. BUT, I did get some of them done. So I started thinking to myself that if I planned a bit, I could conquer the world and do away with, oh, wait, off topic a bit. Sorry, back to topic: If I planned even a little bit, I could get A LOT more finished. (And start more too. Cuz I NEEEEEED more projects. It's true. Honest.)

I am somewhat geeky. I love Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, etc.... AND SPREADSHEETS. They are beautiful tools. I work with them and I play with them. So it was only natural that I use one to record my WIP's (that's Works In Progress, just in case you didn't know.) BOY was I surprised by the list that I have going. I won't share the spreadsheet. I have to have some secrets. But I will keep track with it.

I am breaking my WIP's into bite sized (monthly) chunks and tackling them.

For the 1st Quarter of the FINISH ALONG I will get the following items done:
(If it seems like you have seen these before, you are just experiencing a little deja vu, because you HAVE seen most of them before.)

1. LEAVES quilt: This one is for me. I love Autumn and I love these colors. I made the top about 15 years ago (give or take). I already have the back made. Just need to layer, quilt and bind. Oh, yeah, make the binding too. This is also my entry for A Year of Lovely Finishes - January Entry.

2. BIRDIE STITCHES quilt top: I will finish the embroidery on these blocks. I have November and December left to do. I wasn't in love with the designs that were given to us and just need to come up with themes I love. Then stitching is easy. The blocks are already made. Then I'll stitch the blocks together. Without sashing I think. We'll see.

3. CHRISTMAS DISAPPEARING 9 PATCH quilt: I will finish cutting the blocks, piece the top, make a back, layer, quilt and bind. Then wash and take for a test cuddle.

4. RAINBOW quilt: I'll piece the top, oh, heck see the above description.

5. HAPPY GO LUCKY sampler: I will finish the stitching and frame this puppy. YUP, I started it in June, and that's the date that will go on it.

6. SPIDERWEB crochet table cover: Just need to pull it out and work on it. (Freshen my memory with regard to the pattern.) I think I need to make 3 more blocks.

7. Halloween Bitties mini quilt: I've pieced the top. It's missing one of the bitties that came in after I made the top. I'll turn that one into a coaster. I am piecing the back for it and then maybe adding a sleeve so I can hang it up. 

8. Madrona Road Challenge quilt: I'll get this off the design page and finished.

9. Blue Train Case replace the lining: I have the fabric. I have the old lining pulled out. I just need to cut the pieces, a little bit of sewing together, quilt them and glue them back into place. 

10. Chewbacca Afghan: I have a few blocks made. Just need to finish making blocks and crochet them together. I am using this pixel picture from iotacon by Andy Rash for the  pattern.

11. Fireworks Mug Rug: I don't have any idea why I haven't finished this yet. It got pushed to the side and forgotten. 

12. Pinwheel Pillow: I have the pieces cut out. Just need to get sewing. 

An even dozen should be easy to accomplish. 

I have 3 months.

I can do four a month. 

One a week. 

Wish me motivation.

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