Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013. Already. Well, Hello then.

It's a new year. A new beginning. A time when most are making resolutions. Planning changes in big, and little, ways. Not me. No way. I am going to continue on my course.

I am an odd ball. I made a resolution right after Thanksgiving to walk on the treadmill for 20 minutes every morning. That has since become walking for 20 minutes on WEEK DAY mornings. It just doesn't work for me on the weekends. SO, I adjusted to make it work for me. And know what? It feels wonderful. I haven't walked for the last 2 weeks and I am okay with it. The treadmill is in the bedroom and hubby has been off while I still went into the office. I think that it would have been pure evil to wake him up at 5am for me to walk. So I didn't.

About the same time I decided I would start walking I also decided to FINISH some of those WIP's. I am not going to go all crazy and finish them all. Where in the world would the fun be if I didn't have at least a half dozen unfinished projects. That's a dream number, but I can dream right?!?!?!

So here is a list, and a few pictures of some of my WIP's:
(These are in no particular order. Just the order they popped into my head. I'll talk more about the specifics for the monthly commitments and swaps in the next couple of days.)

do. Good Stitches
Modern Stash Bee (thru June for now)
Skills Builder Block of the Month

1 per month (I am limiting myself this year)
January - Bitty Blocks - Chickens

Christmas Hidden 9 Patch

Megan's College
Madrona Road Challenge
Bento Box
Farmer's Wife

Ripple Afghan
Chewbacca Afghan
Spiderweb Table Cover
Wrist Warmers
Birdie Stitches (November and December)
Happy Go Lucky
Purse/Tote (possibly a Weekender)
Pillow Cover
Christmas Shadow Box
Beach Tray
Art Journal (possibly weekly)
Walk 20 minutes a day (M-F)
Eat healthier meals and snacks
Get rid of the stress (You know who you are)

Creating is really important to me. It's a relaxation medium. And we all know that a happy momma makes for a happier family.

I'll keep you updated. You can see how I did in 2012 with my goals. Not too badly. I didn't finish a lot of quilts. Only 2. But I did make a little dent in the other categories. I have carried the quilts over into 2013. The difference is that now I have a plan. I am going to try to tackle one of the quilts on the list every month. I figure I can still start new things AND finish some old ones.  

Wish me well and let me know your plans for changes/maintains or just having fun.


capitolaquilter said...

I'm limiting myself on monthly swaps too this year. Did you join A Lovely Year of Finishes? All of the projects you have are great. Happy New Year.

Rosemary said...

I think you have a great plan here, you have set reasonable goals and I know you will be successful!

Sabrina said...

I think your only hiccup might be saying no to more swaps. Oh, wait, that's me. Really though, I look forward to seeing your progress over the year! Best of luck!

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