Friday, January 4, 2013

do. Good Stitches

Do. Good Stitches is a flickr based online charity quilting bee.

I belong to the Grace group.

There are 10 of us who each make 2 blocks a month and send to one of our wonderful quilters to be joined together in a fabulous quilt for a child in need.

I joined the flickr group in June of 2011.

I LOVE making a couple of blocks every month and sending them off to become a comfort to a foster child.

Right now there are 22 groups.

That's 22 quilts made every month for 22 children.

My group makes them for A Blanket of My Own.

Amazing isn't it!!

I have been with this group since the beginning of Grace.

So far we have made 18 quilts worth of blocks.

A few are still being put together, but most have already been sent to their children.

I am still amazed that 10 people can pull fabrics from their own collections and make blocks that live together beautifully.

There are many more quilts made by the other 21 groups in do. Good Stitches.

These are just the quilts made by my group.

There are 5 more in different stages of construction. I'll share those when they are done.

You can see more quilts made for children HERE.

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