Sunday, January 27, 2013

Opus Gluei Challenge 149 - Bling it On

This time around it's Rosemary's turn. She wants bling. Who can blame her? Bling is AWESOME. So I couldn't think of anything that really made my heart go all pathump, pathump. Then my daughter brings me an invitation to a sweet 16 she's invited to. The invite was sent along with a masquerade mask that needed to be decorated for the party. 

So I dug out my scrapbook bling and ribbon, my artsy pink paint and white pen. Sent hubby out to get white feathers and we set to work.

We painted. And waited. Then painted some more. Then I sewed some tulle to the base feathers, sewed down the top feather, stuck some bling on it. Then I used my white poster paint pen to gently put a bit of a white border all around the mask. And then fussy fit some bling swirls. And fussy cut some more of the bling. Then sewed the feather cluster onto the mask and added white ribbon ties. 


I had more ideas. But dear daughter stopped me. She didn't want her mask to outshine the birthday girl's mask. Made me very happy that she said that. As much as I wanted to add the silver braid around the exterior of the mask, I stopped. SIGH. 

Join in on the blingy fun over at OPUS GLUEI.

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Chat Noir said...

Hi Jana......this is BEAUTIFUL. Now I know why I need curls of diamonds - they're on my list.