Wednesday, January 16, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Hi everyone. Hope you all had a productive week. I didn't get an whole bunch done, but I am working on a FINISH this week and a SWAP.

I made the backing (that's what you are looking at here) and quilted my Halloween Bitty Mini Quilt. I just quilting in the sashing. I didn't want to interfere with any of the blocks themselves, and at a 3 inch finish, I feel very comfortable not quilting on them. I am using my new CLOVER CLIPS to bind it. I am really loving these clips. They aren't as annoying as the ones that look like hair clips, and I am not poking my hands and fingers like I do when I use straight pins. Now I only poke one finger. It's how I sew, people.

I couldn't decide which of my sketches to use for the January Chickens Bitty Block swap on flickr, so I put them up there for a vote. The most votes went to the second chicken down in the first column. But I will probably end up making the chicken that each person voted for. Of course I'll make an extra one of each of them for me. (Inspiration for my sketches came from various coloring pages. I am not this creative on my own.)

So, that's it for this week's happenings. Other than trying to convince myself that I really, really, really don't need to start another quilt and join the Scrappy Trip Along craze right now. No matter how good those quilts look. And how easy they seem to make. And I must resist. I have enough UFO's for one person. I. MUST. NOT. JOIN. THE. CRAZE. 

(But I am going to. It's just a matter of what day this coming week. I KNOW it's going to happen. Those quilts are just too darn tempting.) 


Chris said...

I said I wouldn't start anything new this far I have started FOUR. LOL

Rosemary said...

Congratulations! That itty bitty quilt looks so good! Glad you aren't hurting your fingers either.

I like the first and second ones of the first column. Whew, that sounds confusing...they're going to look great!