Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Going Coastal this Summer...

Okay, the truth is, I have already gone coastal. Remember this:

Well, I finally finished it. I was waiting for the "right" backing fabric. BUT I didn't want to buy anything. I wanted to use from my stash. The problem was that I wasn't happy with anything I had AND I just didn't want to piece anything. I wanted one piece.

Well, if you know me, you know that my fabric is NOT in one spot. While I am working toward that end, it's a slow process, and I am not there yet. Anyhow, I "found" this fabric in one of my bins. Many moons ago it was slated to be in a king sized quilt. Then I had my 3rd girl and life got a lot more hectic and that didn't happen, so....

So, I layered and quilted and then washed (cuz I LOVE that crinkled look) and came up with this:

It runs across our square table making a placemat for DH and I to share. Isn't that romantic! The border fabric is perfect for the light airy look I was going for. AND it kinda looks like crab traps.

I had a wonderful idea to have a matching table set this summer. But the girls had other plans. They each insist on using their fav placemats. So we are a bit more eclectic instead.

Just look at all this crinkle goodness. I love it.

These shells are perfect for the back. The colors don't show true, but the orange in the scallop is a perfect match to the binding.

The End.

Of this project.

Now on to the next...


Lori said...

These are fabulous Jana...love the shell fabric, and I too, love the crinkled look..

Rosemary said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this and so happy you found the perfect backing fabric for it! It's beachin' good (I told you I'd use that for my comment!). (Because I'm a dork, and you love me anyway)

Deena said...

that couldn't have worked out more perfectly to find that fabric...can't wait to see you pull out some more stuff from that secret stash for your next project!!!