Monday, July 9, 2012

Finish Along

I missed the 2nd quarter of the FINISH ALONG over at Quilter in the Gap. I just plain missed the deadline to post my intentions. Says a lot doesn't it?!?!?! Well I made it this time.

I have a busy schedule in the next few months, so I am going to make this a top ten list. Some of these you have seen before. I mean come on, if I were good at Finishing things I wouldn't be here at the FINISH ALONG. Am I right?!?!??!


1. Going coastal table runner. I added a border, now I just have to layer and quilt it.

2. One of the quilts I started way back when. I finished the top one. I'd like to finish the one underneath it next. It's for ME. A quilt for ME. I've made one for everyone else, now it's my turn. Think Autumn. It's my favorite season.

3. Citrus quilt. I want to get this one pieced together and sent out for the quilting. I think a white sashing. I have 20 blocks total now.

4. Summer 2012 Hexie quilt top (I'll focus on the quilting in the 4th quarter) I want to make a souvenir this year. We are taking 2 vacations so something hand pieced. I love the inch hexies, but that is too much sewing. I think the 2 inch hexies are doable and will show off this fabric the best.

 I now have the FQ's cut into 4.5 x 5 inch pieces. Ready for the needle and thread.
Packed up and ready to travel.

5. Nephew's wedding quilt. I just needed a break I think. The wedding is this weekend. Obviously I won't have the quilt for them at the wedding. BUT in this heat they don't need it right now anyhow. (I can justify ANYTHING.) AND according to Miss Manners, I have a year to get the newlyweds their gift. (They are also getting a cash gift, so we aren't going to appear to be freeloaders at the reception. LOL)

6. Christmas Hexie Placemats. Gotta do 'em.

7. Embroidered Christmas Ornaments. I am so close on these. Just need to FINISH them off.

8. Happy Go Lucky sampler. I really want to get this done and in a frame. I am excited to see it finished. BUT I am also taking my time and enjoying the process.

9. Re-line this train case. And make a tutorial while doing it.

10. Have to FINISH some of these too.

These are what I am going to try to stay focused on right now. I have plenty more WIP's. Plenty. But these are the ones that I want to focus on right now. It's not easy when I have so many thoughts about what I can do next. Oh, look, a butterfly....


Deena said...

gorgeous projects Jana...two vacations this year??? Where are you going???

Karen said...

Wow. What a list. I will help you with #10. Good luck on the list.

Rosemary said...

I like your focus here, can't wait to see them all getting completed. Especially the citrus quilt, the table runner, and the placemats. oh heck, all of them, who am I kidding? I love them all.