Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Challenges in 2012

As if I didn't have anything else planned for 2012, I am going to do my best to participate in these year-long challenges. I won't promise a perfect attendance, but I will promise to have fun with them.


OPUS GLUEI - This one is a fun and laid back one. A theme is thown out every two weeks, and then it's a free-for-all. Pretty much anything goes. Not many rules here. How can I NOT participate in this one. (Plus I am on the design team.)

52 Photos in 52 Weeks - I just got a new mac daddy camera. DUH. I have to at least try. Project 365 seems really overwhelming to me. But I figure I can take one photo a week.

Jingle Bells - Get ahead on the Christmas Rush. Cards, that is. AND these are FUN ladies too. This one is also going to be a 2 week challenge this year.

Craftyhazelnut's Christmas - This is another Christmas card challenge. I am thinking that maybe I should make some extra's for the American Hero's on the front lines overseas.

Art Journal - This one is to do it everyday. I won't be doing that. But I will try for a couple times a week. Along these same lines, I have signed up for the Strathmore Art Workshops. They are free. Can't hurt to check them out. Nothing to lose, lots to gain.

Postcard Challenge - Write a story using postcards between two people. How cool is this idea. I am going to write 2 postcards a month. One from each person. The official challenge is to write one postcard a week. I think I have picked my characters. And locations.

Finish Along - This one is going to help me with my Goal to finish 12 works in progress. I'll list the projects (quilty ones) that I intend on finishing per quarter. Sounds reasonable AND fits in with my planning plans too.

There are a couple of other things I plan on doing in 2012 too. I just haven't found a group to join for inspiration and continued motivation.

12 Photos on the 12th - Just like it sounds. I want to take 12 photos of 12 things that are relevant to the month. AND scrapbook them. GASP. I know, it's almost too much to take in. I AM GOING TO SCRAPBOOK again. Or at least try.

Family photo once a month - the trickiest part will be remembering to do this. I am pretty sure I can bully talk my family into cooperating. Tara Whitney did it. And Lisa from Life is Sweet did it. Just check out the mosaic of all of her family photos. I LOVE the end result.


You can keep up with these on the TAB up there. See it? Yup. I have them all listed there too. If I add or drop something, it's going to be shown there.


Zoe Ford said...

Wow Jana, you certainly know how to keep yourself busy! :-)
Good luck with all those challenges, sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun.
I'm also doing a 2012 challenge (yes, just the one, lol) and have a Linky thing set up on my blog if you'd like to add your blog there so my readers can see what you're up to?

Deena said...

wow Jana...busy girl...yikes...lots of goals, but that is a good thing...wanna link up with my 365? I have no rules...that is the way I like it...just to do as much as you can in a year (something everyday-ish)...if you don't make it, no big deal...just the way I like it...

Marci Girl said...

Awesome list, and I love those goals! I love the idea of taking a family photo once a month, I may have to do that also!

Rosemary said...

Stop this madness, you get me all excited about these challenges and soon I'm thinking -well, if Jana can find time, then shouldn't I be able to and then I want to play along and so on and so on. SIGH

One of those things I love about ya!

I may have to participate in a lot of these - OG is a given. LOL