Wednesday, December 19, 2007

December 19, 2007
So I am sitting here wondering why I have to work, when I really want to go home and play with my papers.
I should be working.
I have tons of work that needs to get done.
But not one iota of motivation.

I can't wanna work.

There, I have said it. I got the phrase from my now 7, soon to be 8, year old daughter. She was about 3 and one half when she blurted that one out. I can't remember to what she was referring, only the phrase. It is so appropriate for so many situations. Today it applies to me working.

I can't wanna.

I know I should WANT to work, but I can't make myself.
Well, I have to go for now. It's lunch time.
And I can't miss out on that......

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