Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Opus Gluei Challenge #117 - What's on your head?

Inspired by the dread of Thanksgiving this year.
I love my family, honestly, I do.
I just don't want to DO the whole turkey dinner thing.
Maybe a cocktail will help.

Other interpretations of WHAT'S ON YOUR HEAD?
can be found HERE.

Go on. Check them out.


Deena said...

Do the Turkey Jana...you can do it! It's calling you anyway...and the leftovers are reward for making it...plus all the other no cooking days after...do the turkey!
But I am sure no one would say anything about the cocktails either :)

Gini said...

My absolute favourite so far!!!!!!!!!
Can't you do a supermarket made buffet dinner instead (the type where you just have to remove the packaging and instant buffet food) and say to your family "I need a rest, so eat it or go stand in the corner."
Works for me in my house LOL!

Electra said...

HAHAHAHAHA! I'm with Gini, this is is PERFECT!
(Hey, can I come over for turkey?)