Friday, December 19, 2008

Bah Humbug & Crappy Cheese Pics

I don't feel like I have gotten much done for Christmas this year. I still haven't sent out Christmas cards, there is a box of ornaments sitting under the tree, I have completely forgotten to get the package together for Kathy in IL, I dropped the ball for gifts for people in the office. I did manage to throw together some cheesy little gifts for the girls' friends and teachers. Here is a crappy picture of these cheesy little gifts. I took it LATE last night with my phone in a dark family room. I don't have a flash on my phone camera, so it looks really bad. I think it is that evil Christmas Tree vortex that Rosemary warned me about.

You really can't tell, but they are little baggies filled with either m&m's or hard candies. I cut 3x3 squares of scrap paper and folded them in half and stapled them onto the baggies. Then to "decorate", I printed out return address labels:

Merry Christmas
From: girls' name here

There is a clip are ornament next to the wording on each label. Then slapped those tacky little suckers on each bag. The little green tube looking things are lip glosses that I wrapped up for Melissa's BFF's. Megan gave her BFF's some bath gel, lipbalm, candy, a crazy straw and a bookmark. Morgan gave hers some nail polish, lip gloss, candy, a crazy straw and a bookmark. The straws you see here didn't quite make it to Melissa's BFF's. Oops. (I will take them with us to my parents.)

Yup. I went low class this year. Teachers and friends alike received these little eye sores.

I didn't do much better for my co-workers. Forgot about getting something together for them until, oh, uh, THIS MORNING. So I quickly dug out some CandyCane Cocoa and threw together some cute little labels. If I had more fore-thought I probably would have made them a little cuter. But, here they are. Well, here is one. I gave them out when I got in this morning. It's Friday in a government office. You can't expect people will be here all day now, can you!?!?!?!
I myself will be leaving at my regularly scheduled time. I have to go home, feed my family, pack for the week, wrap presents, clean out the fridge, review my Christmas album scrap supply stash that I am taking with me, finish making a gift for my sister. I would tell you what it is, but she reads this so, sorry Renee, you are going to have to wait. But only until Sunday. It is a Christmas gift that pertains to Christmas, so you will get it when we get there so you can put it up now. But it is turning out really cute. We plan on hitting the road early in the am. I will take my daughters laptop. Hopefully to surf a bit while we are out there. And to manage photos. Oops. I have said too much again. (Now you are really curious aren't you Renee???)


Rosemary said...

This is the funniest I've read in a while - sign me up for one of them eyesores.

I think you are being too tough on yourself - they look good. Seriously

Karen said...

Hey I got the market on Bah Humbug!!! You gotta wait in line!! LOL!! You are way toooooo thoughtful to consider yourself anything but in the spirit. Hecht you are in the spirit in July. It just crept up on us faster this year. Happens you know!! I think everyone will love these goodies. I know I would!! Happy Bah Humbug to you and your family!!! I'm leaving Tuesday to sit by the pool! Eat your hearts out!!! Bah, Bah Bah Hum!!!!!