Monday, December 15, 2008

Didn't get tagged, but I'm going to play anyway.

I recently saw on someone's blog where they were tagged to show the fourth photo in their fourth file. Well, I wasn't tagged, but curiousity got the better of me. What is the fourth photo in my fourth file? So, I took a look and was reminded of how really blessed I am.

This is Morgan the day she was born. 16 weeks early. Yes, that is one of those handheld thermometers. (about the size of a paperback book)

I won't go into the story right now. I don't have the time. But, suffice it to say she is a fighter. God gave me this little miracle and I intend to continue to take the best care of her I can. Including staying home with her today. She has a fever and sore throat and her head is stuffy and she is hungry but can't eat and she is bored and she wants to watch a movie and she wants me to make her some tea and she wants me to get her more tissues and she just plain WANTS ME. I can do that. I am here for her every whim today. After all, she is my little miracle. And I am here to take care of her.

It's part of the promise I made to GOD the day she was born.


Rosemary said...

She's a lucky girl and you're a lucky mom - hope she feels better soon. Wow, that is a powerful photo to see - she's sooooooo tiny.

Karen said...

Miracles happen in mysterious ways! Count your blessings!!! You are one of mine!

Anonymous said...

omg jana im crying...thank you very are such a great mother, friend, and oh yeah a wonderful sister and i love you so much!!!! and you will be here in 3 days, i cant wait!!!!love renee