Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Order of the OPUS GLUEI - Challenge #112 - Everything's Coming Up Roses or Rosettes

I am a bit late. It isn't the best picture. BUT, it's done. And I enjoyed making it. Even if it wasn't on time. Life got in the way. It happens. Anyway, this is just a humble paper mache' box from a craft store. I painted it green because there is green in the fabric I used to make the Rosette, and I like green.

After the paint dried, I glued the wonky striped fabric on the bottom. I waited until that was dry to add the paint pen embellishments.

I took a long-ish strip of fabric, folded it in half, ran a quick thread down the raw edges and then gathered for the rosette. Then I made a quick and easy loop flower out of the lace and sewed it to the button and then to the rosette. Then I sewed it all down to the lid. I used a couple of buttons on either side of the lid to make sure the thread wouldn't slip out.

It's a cute little box. (Even if I do say so myself.) I'll probably use it to hold some earrings on my night stand. I find that I frequently forget to remove them before going to bed.

Thanks to the OPUS GLUEI Poobahs for being so understanding and tolerant of stuff happening.


Gini said...

Well it was well worth the wait, it's gorgeous, I love the colour scheme and the white lace makes the whole project POP, fabulous!

Kristen said...

This is so beautiful, Jana! I love it! What a gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous box and topper. It was worth the wait and I am just glad you came through the storm safely!


Electra said...

Wow! I LOVE the bright colours! Huh, you're supposed to take them off when you go to bed? (note to self)

Rosemary said...

I'm with Gini, this lovely box and it's equally loverly rosette were worth the wait! You are a very talented friend and I love your sense of style and joy of using color! It's so YOU, happy and bright and vibrant!

Deena said...

this box is really cool...don't know how I missed it last week when snooping around...I was looking for your awesome canvas that you made, but I guess I was too quick on the uptake this week!

Beth aka BR-T said...

Oh I love this creation with all the fabric and bold patterns!