Wednesday, September 28, 2011

WIP Wednesday #45

Hello there.

It's me.

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth.
I have just been doing things other than blogging.


I pulled fabrics for the October do.Good Stitches block. I am not too thrilled with the purples I have, so I may or may not add a couple. I am using the grays that I have. A couple of Kona's should be just fine. (But I reserve the right to change my mind.)


I made this medallion years ago. It was just leftover fabrics from some baby quilts I had made. I didn't know what I was going to do with it. So it sat around without a purpose. Until now. I am finally putting this together for the 100 Quilts Challenge. Hopefully it will get done in time for the October 15th deadline.


My oldest daughter talked me into making Christmas quilts. She is helping. I am doing the sewing, but she is helping with the design and picking the fabrics for each round on the hexagons. That drives me crazy, but she is doing great.

Each block is about 15 inches from flat side to flat side.
So far, I really like how they are turning out.


And just so you don't think I am not making anything for myself, I have have been working on a little Halloween project. It isn't finished yet, and I don't want to reveal until it is, so here's a sneak peek.

Other projects:

  • Farmers Wife QAL: No progress. Still at 27 blocks.
  • Giant Granny Square Afghan: Finished and loved. I'll get pictures if I can pry it away from the girls long enough.
  • Other Granny Square Afghan: Making a little progress. I have 13 squares that need the final round added and then I can start joining the squares into the afghan. Yay.
That's all I can think of right now. Oh, there are others. About a million. But that's all for now. Thanks for stopping by.

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├Žble said...

I hope your daughter is really enjoying picking out the fabrics! She's doing a great job.

Rosemary said...

I love all of this - so wonderful to take in all the eye candy! I can't select a favorite; although, I do think that the Christmas quilts are looking fantastic and I'm intrigued by your Halloween stitchery in progress. Ooooh, keep the sneak peeks and pics coming!

Gina said...

Wow! The Christmas blocks are awesome! Kudos to your daughter and patience to Mom :-). Great idea to send the Medallion quilt to the 100 Quilts Challenge! and I love your embroidery on your Halloween project!!

The Grizzly Box said...

Christmas will look amazing this year! I especially love the center fabric pattern on the solo christmas block photo.

Marci Girl said...

Love, love, love the Christmas hexagons, yes they are a pain, but they are totally worth it, they look fabulous!