Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hello there friend

WOW. It's been almost a month. I can't believe I have neglected bloglandia for so long. I wish I could give you a good reason. But I can't. Just a bunch of LIFE happening here. Nothing earth shattering or mind blowing. Maybe I'll post a recap of events/happenings. Maybe not. I've been working. Should have taken a business trip that was cancelled because of work in the office. That bummed me out. It would have taken me to my sister's and parent's neighborhood. I miss them. I have had several late nights working. Lots of work.

I have also been sewing. I know that I said I would limit my swaps, BUT....

I made these for the 3x6 Swap on flickr. They are 12.5 inch blocks. I hand stitched all the hexies and then machine appliqued them onto the background blocks. I really love the way the rainbows look against the black. And am now smitten with the other color choices too.

And these for the Bitty Block Committee Pirate Swap on flickr. These are 3.5 inch blocks. I am pretty pleased with them. But I have a bit of a warped sense of humor. This was done in a couple of stages. I used a fusible stabilizer to help me keep all of those tiny pieces in place while I stitched them down (machine). The numbers were added in PSE so the other swappers could pick their pet Kraken. You should see the other Pirate blocks these talented swappers have made. Seriously. GO HERE. There are generally two themes every month. So you'll find all sorts of little treasures.

And these for the Scrapbuster's Wonky Bento Swap also on flickr. These are 8x8 blocks. Made in the Log Cabin style out of 16 inch blocks cut into quarters. I sent off 24 blocks to swap. I kept one quarter of each of the larger blocks I made. I LOVE the way these quilts look and am really looking forward to making mine.

I am still making hexies. Those little cuties are addictive. Just thought I would warn you in case you are contemplating delving into that sewing arena.

I managed to decrapulate a bit more. I feel better about some of my scrapbook papers going to help the special education kids my SIL teaches. But I still have a long way to go. I am having a hard time getting rid of some of my scrapping things. I have decided to go digital so I shouldn't think twice, but I really LOVE my die cut machine. I blame my love of gadgets in general.

I have only cooked a handful of meals. I am not counting the frozen things shoved into the oven. Those aren't really me cooking. I just don't enjoy cooking like I used to. It's a challenge when no one can agree on anything. Ever. AND they won't eat leftovers. What kinda crap is that!!! Dorks.

I have been reading that terribly addictive series GAME OF THRONES. I am on the 4th book (I think) A FEAST FOR CROWS. I love the twists and turns and the ruthless politics. It's so foreign to me. I don't think that way so this fascinates me. I also love that the characters are evolving and growing by their experiences. They evoke very stong emotions. Yeah, it's one of those series.

I suppose this is enough for now. Just wanted to catch you all up. And I think I have.
Thanks for sticking with me to this point. I know that you are a true friend.

Oh, yeah. Remember the decrapulating I have been doing? Well, I have put together a couple of boxes of scrapbooking/mixed media items. I am going to have a giveaway sometime in the next couple of weeks. So check back.

See you soon. Friend.


~amy~ said...

LOVE seeing your quilting projects!

Lori said...

Wow, your quilting is fabulous! I can see how much you love it! Good to see you again, friend!

Tyggereye said...

How cute! I could totally see getting addicted to those. I'm sick of cooking too. Same reason.

Deena said...

loving your hexi projects...i am a crappy sewer...i try, but i just can't do it well...glad to hear all is well in your area of the are getting rid of your paper and supplies...what??? you will miss the true paper and glue of the scrapbook world...i am sure of it!!!

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