Sunday, February 26, 2012

That's the Ticket


That's the challenge right now on OPUS GLUEI. Make something with a ticket, or make something that was inspired by the phrase. I was going to be literal and use a ticket. Or a hundred. My youngest decided that she wanted me to re-create a ticket reward system that I had in place a few years back. I want my children to stay young for as long as possible, so I said YES. And I WILL make this for her. BUT it isn't what I made for this challenge.

I went with the inspirational aspect. I have lots of fabric scraps. I was trying to organize them. I don't want them to multipy to the obscene. I have too much of other things to add another stack-o-crap to the mix. SO, I was thinking about these wonderful pictures:

All from Flickr. AND I had a wonderful

moment. That's what I am doing with my fabric scraps.

Making hexies. Lots and lots of hexies.

I don't have a plan. I just know that I will do something with them. One day. Maybe a quilt. Or a pillow. Or a pouch. Or a placemat. Or I'll just keep making them. With my scraps of course.

I made a little hexie kit to take with me. Just in case I have to wait. In the car. For kids.

The kit doesn't have all the finished hexies in there when I take it with me. But they look so pretty in the picture. I just had to include them. It's a big mint tin I picked up in Disney World. The mints are gone. The tin is a GREAT size. There are scissors, thread remnant, templates, needle, needle threader, pins and of course I take the ready to be basted hexies.

See the red one in the middle? It's an after hexie. I didn't sew through the paper. The hole is there to make taking the paper out easier after I have them sewn together. I got the templates HERE. I know there are places out there that you can order pre-cut hexie (and other shapes) templates, but I want to do it on my own. (Yup, sometimes I act like I'm 2.) AND I can print more whenever I run out.

Here are the before and afters. Side by side.

I think I'm gonna like this ride...


Karen (nybird) (KMello) said...

Your kit is adorable! I keep picking up and putting down a bag of reusable plastic templates each time I'm at Joann's using a coupon.....this may inspire me to go ahead and get them. The possibilities for the hexie's use are endless!

Kristen said...

What a cute way of organizing and arranging. I love the photo of the piece with the cat sitting on it. That dragon is awesome too... great inspiration. I can't wait to see where you are going with all this exceptional fun!

Rosemary said...

I can see how you were drawn into these, how you find the time is beyond me but I really see the appeal. The uses are endless and really allow for creativity.

Also, how cool to have an on the go box to make them as you find time! I do that with my stitching and yep, it's a lifesaver.

I am going to enjoying seeing what you create with these!

Gini said...

Fab idea for your scraps Jana, you really are into your sewing now and they all look so pretty together :-)

craktpot said...

That dragon is incredible, isn't it? Thanks for the pics, it really helps me think outside the box. And a hole in the back is such a good idea. FYI, I never sew through mine, but around like you did. I

Maria said...

I love your hexies and have been wanting to try some out myself. The only thing stopping me is hand sewing them together. Is there a sewing machine method for sewing them?