Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday Sum Up

This was a MUCH better couple of weeks than my last Sum Up:

  • I mailed out 6 books through Paperback Swap.
  • I received 3 books through the same.
  • All 3 girls made the honor roll. Again. Yup. Proud mama.
  • Had a 2012 Goals meeting. I am doing okay. Progress report will be posted soon.
  • Shopped for a Ring Dance dress for Megan. Sheesh. I can't believe she's old.
  • Melissa picked her Science Experiment topic. Escape Velocity. Rocket science.
  • Zeke freaked at the dog groomers. That boy HATES being crated.
  • Met all my deadlines at work, despite an improptu doctors appt thrown in the mix.
  • Megan jumped into the Atlantic Ocean. On purpose. For charity.
  • Megan got her first formal gown. Ring Dance is just a few weeks away.
  • Melissa faked being sick. She took advantage of me being sick. Bad kid.
  • Morgan and Melissa volunteered as score keepers for Special Olympics.
  • Picked my SWOON fabrics. Won't start the quilt until ALL of my old tops are quilted.
  • Finished reading A CLASH OF KINGS.
  • Started reading A STORM OF SWORDS.
  • AND started reading DeaD MeN DoN't CrocHeT.
  • Made homemade bread. It was delish with dinner.
  • Got all pertified at the hair salon. Finally. I look years younger.
  • So did Danny. And he looks great too.
  • The Giants won the Super Bowl.
  • I cleared my desk off at work. It feels wonderful. AND I feel more productive.
  • Melissa attended a Mardi Gras dance at school. In a DRESS.
  • Started my NuBee blocks.
  • Have the design for my 3x6 blocks.
  • Finished one of my 26 Finishes. Woot. Woot.

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