Saturday, February 18, 2012

26 Finishes - Finish #2

Yup. It's true. I have another FINISH to show off.

When I started this afghan, I had in mind a completely different look. It was smaller and more delicate. But once I started crocheting the squares, the afghan to be took over. Like it had a mind of it's own. It knew that small was not going to be this blanket.

This one is HUGE. It hangs over the edges of our King sized bed. I can't believe I made so many blocks. But I love that I did.

To piece it together I just grabbed random blocks from the jumbled up pile of blocks. 

It lived in the bedroom before it was finished. It was warm and comfy. And heavy. Hubby doesn't like the heavy. So it now lives in the family room. It is big and bulky and will fit EVERYONE on the couch. No more fighting over the blanket here.

The blanket has already been loved. The temptation of seeing it on the couch was too much for these teens. It used to be that they would be playing with dolls the morning after a sleep-over. Now they surf. And giggle. And do teenage things.

Another FINISH for the year.

I love this one. Lots.


~amy~ said...

Awesome's gorgeous. LOVE the pic:)

Deena said...

stunning...couch blankets are the best and this one is the deluxe version!

Rosemary said...

Love love love this! The yarn knows what the yarn wants and I'm glad to see you went with it, I also love that it lives in the living room to be snuggled under and bring cozy all around.

Beautiful and another check off on your goal for this year! Atta girl, my dear friend!

Electra said...

I see why you love it. You can pat yourself on the back-big time.

Karen (nybird) (KMello) said...

I am crazy about this afghan...the pattern and the colors! I want to start one.....LOL I certainly have enough yarn on hand to get started!