Sunday, February 12, 2012

Opus Gluei - Warm Fuzzies

The challenge this time around on OPUS GLUEI, it entitled WARM FUZZIES.

Rosemary has requested that we show her textures OR something that give you the warm fuzzies. I have had this on my TO DO list for a while, and decided that it would be perfect to finish for this challenge.
I present to you Megan's Warm Fuzzie Coffee Cup Sleeve:

My darling daughter has started taking White Chocolate Mocha's to school with her. She is far too cool to take re-usable cups. (Secretly I agree with her. It would be really a pain in her butt to keep the cup all day long.) So the next best thing, in my mind, is a re-usable coffee cup sleeve.

I thought I would personalize it just a bit with some custom embroidery. I sketched out a rough outline and sort of just winged it from there.

I used a cardboard sleeve from one of those big coffee chain stores for the template. And made it just a bit shorter to allow for the stretch in the hair tie I used for the closure. I wanted it to be a bit flexable to allow for different cup sizes.

All in all, I think it came out great. AND I have one of my 26 Projects finished for the year. I had initially intended to make one for each of my girls, but the other two have told me that they really wouldn't use it, so, I am declaring this project DONE.


Electra said...

This is AMAZING!!!!! Do your girls know how lucky they are to have you as a mom? Do they? Give them my phone number, I'll tell them. AMAZING!!!! It's like a Rock Star Cup warmer/holder!

Sian said...

It's stunning! I'm surprised you didn't have a queue of girls all wanting one

Cheryl said...

I saw this on the Opus Gluei blog and had to drop by. Your coffee sleeve is gorgeous. I love the embroidery. Your daughter must love it.

Rosemary said...

Oh my gosh, this is incredible. I think it came out so well. Wowza, seriously beautiful. You'd have carpal tunnel if you ever decided to do these in Etsy. Perfect warm fuzzy for your sweet girl.

Gini said...

Whoowee that is beautiful and marvellous embroidery Jana.
My son at secondary school (11-16yrs) is allowed (school rules) to have a refillable plastic bottle of water that contains water and nothing else.
Our worlds are just poles apart it's quite amazing.