Sunday, June 30, 2013

Opus Gluei - Pin It, Spin It and Win It - Challenge # 160

Opus Gluei is challenging everyone to actually get off Pinterest and DO something. GASP!

Take one of the things you have PINNED, put your own SPIN on it, make it and get entered  for the chance to WIN something. Read all about the prizes HERE.

I have about a gazillion things PINNED. How to choose?!?!?! Well, I decided to pick something that could be made with things on hand. Still left a lot from which to choose.

Here's the first thing that came to mind:

Several years back I swapped inchies regularly. One of the talented artists made this amazing canvas with 456 inchies. WOW. You can check it out here. I don't have that many inchies, but I do have SOME inchies. I don't have a large canvas, but I do have a small canvas that rescued from the charity bin. AND It's Summer time.

I painted the canvas blue. It had a cute, but not needed flower outline printed on it that  didn't quite work for this project. Then I lightly swiped a Tim Holtz ink pad across the top and sides. And waited for it to dry. It took a few hours. It's humid here in Virginia Beach. Eventually it dried and I used some foam tape to secure the inchies in place. 

It currently resides on the mantle in the family room. Right next to the shell filled hurricane. I know the girls think it's great. They've told me. 

Next up, the hubby and I are both being furloughed next week. We will get 20% less in our paychecks every payday. Thank you Congress. Anyway, because of this our extracurricular activities will suffer. As an effort to keep from going absolutely cold turkey, I have made a little bank to save money. I saw THIS ONE made for kids to save, and decided that it would work for me. I had this frame that I got at the dollar store that I knew would be perfect. It's only about 4.5 inches by 4.5 inches. Certainly big enough to hold what I'll be able to save. LOL

And here is where it lives. In my sewing/craft room. On one of my favorite shelves.

I hope you can join us in this challenge. It's so very satisfying to make something that you've pinned. And you get some cool things too. I'm happy.


Electra said...

I LOVE the canvas idea. hmmmmmmmmmmm.
And the bank, well, it;'s brilliant, Just brilliant! You're amazing, Jana!

Rosemary said...

I think the canvas is a terrific idea, we've talked about it but you've actually done it, now I want to. perfect as a sweet, casual summer accent too. (you made me chuckle regarding the humidity)

I'm sorry so sorry about the furlough and I am glad you have come up with a fun, crafty, and colorful way to avoid a complete craft budget cut. What really made me laugh were your two guards for said bank. (btw, how did i miss the giant slot in the back to slip the money in? duh)

very inspiring and I like that you were thinking outside the box (per se) for our theme, you crafty Poobah you!

Chat Noir said...

Oh how I WISH it was summer here... In Melbourne its winter and pretty cold today, but in a bit further north, where I've just been for 3 days, its like summer....(well, the days were warm anyway)so I cam home inspired to make my inchies.

Love the bank - heading out to find one for myself - I have some frames, but no slot in the back (and I'm not feeling adventurous with the jig saw). Have to ask what's in your tardis? Mine's half full of chocolate. It used to be full.

CG said...

Both of these projects are just too fab! Love that bank especially. Best, CG

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I LOVE your inches and what you did with them. I need to try that idea sometime. Blessings!