Thursday, July 10, 2008

Coconut-Lime and Lunch time.

Before I eat though, doesn't this look yummy?!?!?!

It is a Smoky Spicy Sloppy Joe for Grown Ups.

And how about this little beauty.

No Description required. You can find other grilling recipes on Friday’s until Labor Day.
I found them at Coconut-Lime. These are but two of MANY tasty creations by Rachel Rappaport. She has some really beautiful pictures, and you know how I love a pretty picture, AND the recipes to go along with them. You have to check it out. And to make things even sweeter, right now she is having a contest. The winner will be selected 7/17. You will get an assortment of yummy goodness to further your grilling skills and waist line. Go over to her place and check it out. All you have to do is leave her your email addy. Plus if you link to her site from your site, and email her, you get a bonus chance to win. Sounds yummy to me.

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