Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fourth Fun

Our 4th was very nice. Danny’s birthday is on the 4th, so we celebrated. Here’s the store bought cake that Megan decorated with the “Happy Birthday Dad” banner.

She did a good job on the banner. He wanted a pair of Cowboy Boots and a new Grill. Since I am not savy in his "style" we made him Gift Certificates. Sorta. Anyhow, we put them each in box and wrapped the boxes. We had wrapping paper left over, so I suggested wrapping the candy that the girls gave him for Fathers Day. He would never know. Morgan grabbed Transformers (the DVD that we have already watched with him) and wrapped that too. He had a lot of gifts to open. And the girls howled with laughter at his expression when he was opening the candy, again. They tricked him. They love to trick him. He thought it was funny too. Thank goodness.
The girls decided that he should have a Transformer Birthday theme.How fun is that? I think it is great. I only have girls, so the boy themes are new to me. Last year was Pirates. Wonder what they will come up with next year…

His birthday was the start of a great weekend. We were pretty laid back. I felt I had to take it a bit easier. And boy did it pay off. It was the best weekend I have had in a LONNNNNGGGGG time. We went to the fireworks show on Friday night and saw Hancock on Saturday. Sunday, Danny took the bookends (Megan and Melissa) to Ocean Breeze Water Park. We got season tickets this year. Morgan didn’t want to go, and neither did I really, so we stayed home. It was a very nice old fashioned weekend.

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hellokitty213 said...

it sounds like you had a good 4th, ours was good to mom,dad and mike came over and we grilled and watched the fireworks in the front yard from the beach, it was nice no drama! love and miss you!