Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I am less numb than I was. My jaw that is. I had my check up, and was told that the Doctor was thrown for a loop when I answered the phone the evening of my surgery. He said he didn’t think I would be awake, never mind talking on the phone. Like a little surgery could stop this mouth. HA! He does want to see me back on the 17th. He looked a bit concerned that the dissolving stitches were still there. He said he was going to leave them in until the 17th and take them out if they were still there. I don’t like them. I can’t imagine what braces must feel like. These little guys are very irritating.

So here is my mouth. Cool huh!!!!

The little white spots toward the front of the bottom right are screws. You can see a rectangle on that side where they took the bone from to place into the front. I love my cell phone camera. I took the picture of my x-ray while I was waiting for the Doctor. What else is a girl to do?????
I am feeling much better. I still cannot eat corn, peanuts or popcorn. (Doctors orders) But I am eating everything else just fine.
Especially smoothies and Italian Ices. mmmmmmmm!!!!!!

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