Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ikea and me. Early in the morning.

I had to drive to DC for a meeting last month. It was an all day meeting, that starts early and usually runs really late, so I drove up the day before and came home the morning after the meeting. Well, there happens to be an IKEA on the way home. The closest one to me. So I made plans to stop on my way home. I got up without the alarm, showered, packed and checked out. Hit the coffee shop across the street from the hotel for an iced coffee. Love these when the weather starts getting warmer. Pulled Betsy (my GPS) out of her case and we hit the road.

I pulled into the IKEA parking lot about 45 minutes before they opened. I was NOT going to leave without an Expedite Bookshelf. I "needed" another one for my craft room. So I pulled into a parking spot. As weird as this sounds, you know me stalking the store doors, I was not the only car in the lot. There were three others already waiting. IKEA is some good shopping. (My car is the red one.)

While sitting I noticed a sign advertising breakfast in their cafe. So I decided to go in and wait while having this awesome 99cent breakfast. For another $1, I could have added French Toast sticks. I passed on that. I didn't think I would be able to eat all that. Can you believe what an awesome deal this is? It wasn't bad either. I am not a big breakfast person, but it was hot and tasty. I was happy. And full. And when I was done, the store had opened.

I don't have an more pictures because once the store opened I flew into a shopping frenzy and was afraid the drool would ruin my camera. Sorry. I found the bookshelf I was after and had to request assistance from some poor lady who happened to be walking past me at the wrong time. Thank you stranger. All she had to do was hold the cart steady while I woman-handled the huge box onto the cart. I also found some baskets and boxes for the shelves.

I also got some goodies for the girls. I got Swedish fish and Cinnamon buns for Megan (and Danny) and I got drapes for Morgan and Melissa. They were both in need of new window coverings. I was thrilled to find out that IKEA drapes/curtains come with hemming tape. You know, the kind you iron with. No sewing. IKEA ROCKS yet again.

Melissa has a fairy theme in her room. She had Danny paint it Tinkerbell green. YUP. She did. I thought these curtains would make it seem a bit more like she was in the forest with the fairies. (I won't be posting a picture of her room. It is a wreck. Even after she "cleans" it. And I don't want you all to think I am a bad mom who lets her youngest have a messy room. So I will let you picture a much better looking room. She has bunk beds. Now you can get a better image.)

And Morgan's room is Pepto Pink. YUP. She wanted it. I know she LOVES pink, so I picked these Pink curtains for her. She really likes them. I know they are loud, but so is the rest of her room. I personally would have nightmares in there, but she seems to sleep just fine.

I got a few other odds and ends that I won't bore you with. I paid for everything and proceeded home. With a brief stop at Pierces BBQ in Williamsburg to bring dinner home. I got the whole meal: pulled pork, buns, slaw, potato salad, beans, cookies and soda. If you are in the Williamsburg area I HIGHLY recommend you eat there if you like BBQ.

Despite the small fortune I spent at IKEA, I was welcomed home with a smile and a hug.

I had food.

That he likes.


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Rae said...

Hi Jana,
thank you for the nice comments on my blog. I hope I will remember the name of this restaurant this summer as I head to Virginia. I have family in Hampton and of course I pass through Williamsburg. Im going to check out your other blog looking for some CARDS...(lol) Take care...