Monday, July 20, 2009

Laugh out loud, but don't wake anyone up...

Apparently my sub-conscience has an entirely different sense of humor than my conscience. While I am awake, I absolutely HATE being splashed in the face. Not in the pool, or anywhere else. Actually, I don’t like the wind hitting me in the face while riding in a car with the windows down either.

BUT, in my dreams I find it is uncontrollably hilarious. So much so, that I woke my husband up with my laughter the other night. I was laughing so hard I was actually snorting. Even thinking of it now makes me laugh. Really. It does.

I am not even sure of the details of my dream. Only that someone, could have been me, was getting blasted in the face with water.
You guessed it. With a seltzer water bottle.
And just to make sure you don’t think this is a freak occurrence, it happened to me another time. About 20 years ago. Same type of dream. Same laughing/snorting out loud. Same way of making me laugh out loud just thinking about it. I can still get teary eyed laughing about that one too.

These are the only 2 times that I am aware of that I have laughed in my sleep.

Interesting. Amusing. Goofy. Isn’t it?????

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Rosemary said...

You crack me up, especially that you are still laughing about it! Your dreams sound pretty darn good and heck, laughing in your sleep is far better than the alternative! Seltzer bottles eh?