Monday, June 7, 2010

Inchie Swap - It's ON.


I am so tickled that you want to swap inchies. I have made one inchie in my life. It turned out really cute. IMHO.

Here are the specifics for the FIS @ ICW, better known as First Inchie Swap @ I Can't Wanna. Okay, that name stinks. So let's pick another. How about Jana's Inchie Swap? Not too original, but to the point. (Must be my pocket protector's showing again. LOL)

If you need a little inspiration, or just to see some amazing things you can do in one-square-inch, check out FLICKR, and search on "INCHIES". It's how I found the above image.

1. Email me, jdeegs (at) cox (dot) net, for my snail mail addy. I won't give it out here. DUH.

2. Make 4 inchies in a theme of your choice.

3. Send these little treasures to me. Along with a check for $100 dollars, made out to me. Just kidding. I don't need a check. But make sure I have your address so I can get 4 of these little treasures back to you.

4. I will give everyone 2 weeks to make their inchies, so get them postal by June 25th.

5. Then send me an email letting me know that you sent them so I know to look out for them.

6. I will receive them. Drool all over them. Fondle them a bit. And then swap them out and get them back into the mail to you on July 5th.


I figured out that I need 238 of these little beauties to make one of those wonderful pieces of art.



Rosemary said...

lol - not 240, 250 inchies to make the item but approximately 238 (your protector is showing, tee hee)

I am so excited about this - what do you mean you're not giving out your address - I will - you live with by Santa at the North Pole. That Virginia stuff in your profile is just baloney.

I'm really looking forward to this, love the idea of something new to try.

Lori said...

Very cool, now I get to use those inchie stamps I've been hoarding, I mean, buying.

~amy~ said...

woot woot...lookin' forward to this!!!

Kathryn said...

YIKES! Indeed, girlene! Only that's an excited yikes, yehaw etc... I'm pumped!!! I hope you have invited more of us to join?! Are you gonna make a "badge" we can post on our sites? No matter, my inches will arrive with bells on. Maybe not literally but, you know what I mean.

trisha too said...

I want to play! Lori kind of invited me . . . kind of not really; I just saw your linky on her blog!!


trisha too said...

Here is a link to one of my favorite inchie projects!!

Electra said...

Crap, how did I miss this? If it weren't for Lori, I never would have know. Now I have to quite my job to get mine done in time. wait, do they have to be IN THE MAIL by the 25th, or IN YOUR HANDS by then? Double crap, I'm out of town all next week. Oh well, I'll just quit. I hate my job anyways. Am I rambling? Sorry. Must go make inchies now, she says running away from the puter.