Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Menu Monday - On Tuesday (because it feels like Monday)

Monday - Memorial Day - We had Jersey Mike Sub's (they were delish)

Tuesday - Chinese Food (Danny is out of town)

Wednesday - Sopa and Quesadilla's

Thursday - Pasta with Sauce (probably will end up being with butter and Parm)

Friday - Pizza/Calzone/Stromboli

Saturday - Don't know. I am on strike.

Sunday - Don't know. Still on strike.

* * *

Short story is that he did a dumb thing and bought a stove without me looking at it.

So now, he can be the cook. On HIS stove. He doesn't think he did anything wrong.
What do you think?


Rosemary said...

Oh, that was dumb...really dumb...tremendously dumb. Does he realize what he has started? uh oh....

Erika said...

Yeah - he can totally do the cooking now!

~amy~ said...

personally I'd be permanently on strike:)

Love the bowl of rice pic...

Fran, said...

Humm.. maybe that was your Mother Day gift??? Sorry that wasn't funny! ;)

Electra said...

Well, on the one hand, the word "idiot" comes to mind. But you'll all starve if you NEVER cook again.
and on the other hand, I'd give anything to have someone buy me a stove. Or a roll of Sweettarts. Or anything.

Rufus said...

OH, NOT smart! Even worse not to think he did anything wrong??? Dumb and Dumber!

lauren said...

well, in our house that argument would go THE OTHER DIRECTION...but i would never EVER everrrrrr consider buying anything cook-based...or in any way "DISSING" lhj by not deferring to him on the subject.

the only possible defense would be if it's an AWESOME 6-burner chef's stove that he knows you were craving and he bought it solo as a surprise??! or, say, it was a "we're getting rid of this, would you like it" SUPER-DEAL that had to be taken or lost. i'm guessing it's NOT either of those b/c you'd make allowances.

so YEAH: duuuuude! if you're takin' over the kitchen, you're TAKIN'OVER the kitchen. capische??!?!

(ps to the missus: making the non-cook COOK may well turn out to be a punishment for *all*. best to stock up on lean cuisines!) ;)

Deena said...

I think he is toast, but that is also probably all you will be eating if yours is anything like mine! Hope it turns out to be a good oven in the end...cuz nothing makes a mama madder than a crappy oven!