Sunday, July 17, 2011

Opus Gluei Beats the Heat

Poobah Deena over at OPUS GLUEI is challenging us to BEAT THE HEAT this time around.

I love the Summer months. I love it when it's hot. It's a wonderful time to wear loose, flouncy clothes. It's also a great excuse to nap in the middle of the day. It's too hot to DO anything, so take a nap.

What's a nap without a great spot for your head? So, I made a cotton pillowcase. I picked a petite printed strawberry fabric with a crisp white background. And then I crocheted a nice bright red trim on it.

Can't you just picture yourself in a nice little slumber???

I got my inspiration from flickr. I just love flickr. I am a very visual person. And you can find pictures of whatever your little heart desires on flickr. Heck, you can even find pictures of things you didn't know you couldn't live without on flickr. Anyway, THIS is the picture that sent me into this pillowcase frenzie. Be warned, it's a gorgeous picture.

Tips to make things easier for you:

Don't try to wing it on your own like I did. Take tips from those who have done this before. Use a double thread to bake the base. I should have looked at a tutorial or two before I just made this one. BUT you know how delusional icanmakethatitis can make oneself.

Mark the fabric for your needle. I didn't at first. And then had to pull out some of the yarn, and mark the hole locations, then went on with the blanket stitch.

Go ahead and count your stitches. I didn't and just got lucky. I would have liked for the scalloped edge to lay flat, but I was in a hurry and didn't think about crossing a blanket stitch to get that result.

All in all, I WILL make another one. Or two. It was relatively quick and easy.

Make one for everyone in your family. Otherwise nasty fights will break out. Just trying to help out here.


Rosemary said...

There's a reason why they say opposites attract - this is proof - you LOVE the heat, I am miserable. LOL

I do, however, LOVE LOVE LOVE this pillowcase and it's gorgeous trim. I love that you made it so yummy and inviting looking and you provide helpful tips on how to do this without less frustration. I suffer from icanmakethisitis as well and it's nice to find a fellow sufferer to empathize.

A great idea and since you're making bunches, you just feel free to slip one into an envelope for me - you have my address right? LOL

Love your creativity, my friend!

Sadie said...

Oh this is so pretty! Now I want one :-)

Deena said...

this just looks so nice and inviting...i am envious of your crochet skills as well (see one of my previous posts for the crocheted flower and you will have no problem seeing why)...just lovely!

Electra said...


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! You've inspired me to learn how to crochet... I need to make some of these.