Wednesday, July 13, 2011

WOYWDW & WIP Wednesday #35

This week had some progress on a few projects. I recently started working an alternate work schedule wherein I have every other Friday off. Last Friday was the first Friday I had off. I LOVE this schedule. I slept in a bit. I sewed. I embroidered. I crocheted. Oh yeah, and I fed my children. I was on FIRE.

Anyhow, here's What On My Workdesk this Wednesday.
For more workdesk peeks, go HERE to Julia's Stamping Ground.

do. Good Stitches July Blocks for Grace group

Ongoing and getting attention:
Birdie Stitches - I have 6 blocks sewn, 1 embroidered, 1 I am embroidering and 4 marked and ready to embroider

Ongoing and getting ignored:
Melissa's Blocks
Grandma's Bricks
Pastel Cabins

Farmers Wife QAL - have the fabrics AND have some of the templates printed
Melissa's Monster Pillow - she designed and cut out fabric to make a monster. I just have to figure out how to put in the zipper mouth she wants. She has a GREAT imagination. I have limited skills. I love that she is challenging me.
Zigzag Table runner - I made some extra HST's when I made the June block for do. Good Stitches. I am putting together a table runner.

Summer Sampler Series QAL - I just need to start...
Mod Bento Box
Warm/Cool QAL
Pot Holders
Medallion - I "found" this square in my stash. (see picture below) I had forgotten about it. Not sure, but I am thinking I should finish it and make a lap quilt for the family room.

Nothing to report

Ongoing and getting attention:
Granny squares afghan - finished ALL of fifth round and starting on sixth

Ongoing and getting ignored:
Japanese Flower afghan

Nothing to report

Ripple Afghan
Ninja, Amazon and Knight
Giant Granny Square Afghan
Stripes Afghan
Matching Wrist Warmers
Pillowcases - with and without Crochet trim

Okay, now that I've showed you mine.
Time for you to show me yours.

At least head over HERE to Lee's and see that I am not alone in my project mania.


Carla said...

It's fun to read all that you have going on. I only have 2 blocks done on my Birdie Stitches but hope to catch up soon. What a bright and lovely table runner. Great way to use up those leftover pieces.

LynCC said...

MMMM! I just love the brights of your Birdies and the zigzag!

Melinda said...

Birdie Stitches is looking pretty! I love your fabrics for the FW!

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I love the brights patchwork - I just don't have the patience, so admire anyone who can create such beautiful work! More power to your needle!

Polly Polkadot said...

I want to leaf through the fabrics on your desk. I'll be back, in the hope I can see a few more!

okienurse said...

You are one busy woman and so organized to boot! Thanks for sharing. Vickie

Rosemary said...

You so make me want to stitch something, even if only to get pretty bright colored fabric!

Love your birdie square, go, Jana, go!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow you've got so many great things going on! I really love your birdie square.