Wednesday, July 6, 2011

WIP Wednesday #34

I have very little to show this week. I have been crocheting mostly, so sewing has been put aside mostly. I haven't been taking pictures. I haven't been blogging. It took forever for my email to download the other day because I hadn't been on the computer in days.

I did manage to get this little beauty started and done, but can only show you a glimpse. It isn't a quilt, but it's done. It's for the July 17th OPUS GLUEI Challenge. You can see more of it then.

I also pulled these fabrics for the July Grace group's do. Good Stitches Wonky Crosses quilt blocks.

It's been a bit since I updated my project list, so I'll start from scratch again.


Ongoing and getting attention:
Birdie Stitches - finally worked up the nerve to use the temp marker to draw the pattern

Ongoing and getting ignored:
Melissa's Blocks - layer, quilt, bind
Grandma's Bricks - bind
Pastel Cabins

Nothing. I feel like I need to finish at least one quilt before diving into another one.

Wanna: (I have WAY MORE wanna's than this. These are just the REALLY Wanna's.)
Farmers Wife QAL
Mod Bento Box
Warm/Cool QAL
Pot Holders

4th of July Bunting
Wash Cloths

Ongoing and getting attention:
Granny squares afghan

Ongoing and getting ignored:
Japanese Flower afghan

4th of July Bunting
Opus Gluei Project for 7/17 Challenge
Wash Cloths

Wanna: (I have more of these too. Just the REALLY Wanna's are listed for now.)
Ripple Afghan
Ninja, Amazon and Knight (Amurugimi)(Melissa requested them)
Giant Granny Square Afghan
Stripes Afghan
Matching fingerless wrist warmers
Pillowcases with Crochet Trim

Go ahead and be nosey like I am. Check out what lots of talented people are doing at WIP Wednesday hosted by Lee at Freshly Pieced.

Go here!


Rosemary said...

You are funny and cute - you have ACCOMPLISHED quite a lot! I'm amazed, I can't wait to see the completed project you are TEASING, you minx! Love all the pretty colors and fabrics, and well, all of it!

Electra said...

I agree with Rosemary, this is a teaser. You have so many projects happening, it's a wonder you eat or sleep!

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