Sunday, August 14, 2011

OPUS GLUEI CHALLENGE # 111 - Oh I Do Love To Be Beside The Sea and All Things Fishy

Gini is our wonderful hostess this week on the Order of the OPUS GLUEI. She wants us to pay tribute to the SEA and all things Fishy.

All of the Poobahs have whipped up fantastic creations. You really should head over there and investigate them all.

I couldn't figure out what I wanted to do, so I sea-sawed for a while. Finally I decided that I would make a little piece of Art for my youngest daughter's bedroom. She is my biggest fan and supporter in my artistic endeavors, AND we share a common birthmark in the shape of turtles. Which was my inspiration for this piece.

I haven't made anything Zentangle in a while, and then I spotted a black and white drawing of a turtle in the newspaper. This piece was MEANT to be.

The initial version wasn't cut out. I made an error in the size of the turtle. He was supposed to be head straight up, but when I put him in the frame, his head got cut off, SO I trimmed around him and slanted him between the two plastic pieces AND got perfection. This is one of those cases wherein a mistake turns into a masterpiece. I LOVE that you can see around him.

Melissa requested that I paint the frame green. Megan wanted to paint it, so I said yes. I am hesitant to say NO when Megan wants to do ANYTHING. She is a teenager and rarely wants to do much that doesn't involve keeping watch on the couch.

And there you have it. My ODE to the SEA.


Tyggereye said...

This turned out so cute! What a great project. I like that you painted it green. Turtle birthmarks interesting! ODE to the Sea fantastic!!

Gini said...

Oh Jana she's fabulous! Your patterns are wonderful within the Turtle, and I agree with you over the brilliance of the sea through element (ha!).
But best of all is that it is a combined family effort :-)
You are a very talented Zentangler. You could have a bumper sticker saying that: "Very talented Zentangler on board" LOL!

Kristen said...

Love Zentangles! Saw your pins of these on Pinterest. Zentangles has a great free newsletter that shares a free new tangle every month.

I could sit and doodle all day, Jana!

This is so cool.

My brother (who passed), mother, and I all have the same birthmark too... but it is just a dot in the same spot on all 3 of us! It is a neat connection!

HAve a GREAT week!

trisha too said...

Fabulous ode, Jana!!


Rosemary said...

Someone has to keep an eye on the couch if you are going to be in your studio playing! That was nice of Megan to help out.

Now, about this MARVELOUS, WONDERFUL, COOL AS ALL GET OUT, SPECTACULAR zentangle - can you tell I kind of like it? LOL

I'm jealous, this is such a cool piece! (btw, didn't know about these birthmarks, very cool about that) You even divided the inside of the body to be like a shell - again, very cool.

Yep, absolutely positootly perfect!